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    Life Coaching

    that helps you grow
    to your true potential

    • Master your Life
    • Transformative Coaching
    • Change from inside out
    • Transform your life

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I work with people who are stuck, want to make changes, and see how the mind really works to create lasting change

  • Find Your Purpose
  • Increase Your Awareness
  • Connect with Your Creativity
  • Feel Good About Life
  • Experience More Joy
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What is a Life Coach

Whether you are starting a new business, struggling with relationships or needing guidance with your life.

  • Make Clearer Decisions
  • How to Show Up
  • Learn What Makes a Difference
  • Outstanding Connections
  • Learn How to Dream Big
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How does Life Coaching Work

Start believing in the impossible, losing weight, or changing your health, improving your life starts with a clarity of mind, progress becomes effortless.

  • No More Excuses
  • Master Your Goals
  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Improve all Relationships
  • Feel Alive Again
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Life Coaching Changes Lives

Changing lives one person at a time, helping people see they have the innate capacity for happiness, joy and contentment, where living the life of your dreams comes effortlessly

  • Improved Communication
  • More Clarity and Direction
  • Better Relationships
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Feel Connected to Life

Are you ready to hire a life coach?


It’s worth considering the cost of not hiring a coach in your life, is it heading in a direction that you don’t like, what could coaching do for you. We don’t know what we don’t know, and life coaching can be life changing, business changing, relationship changing and most importantly as a result of all your health will improve.

Many people have preconceptions about life coaching, what it is and what is isn’t, the problem being there is no one thing called a life coach, every coach will be a combination of their life experiences, their understandings and the training they have had. So, I encourage you to ask questions and find what is right for you




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    Why more people are choosing Wide World Life coaching

    What I have found over time is that when people realise that beyond techniques of change, and processes to force you to do the things you don’t want to do, is a realisation of who we are, and what the happiness we strive for is made of. Life Coaching helps us see beyond the rat race of life and struggle to find external happiness.

    A life coach can take you on a deep experiential journey of understanding your own mind, and the driving force beyond all apparent sources of happiness on the outside. While this may not make complete sense, the end results maybe, more money, more happiness, better relationships




    What Clients Say About Me


    The feedbacks on the one on one sessions were of deep change which helped each individual to create a better life and deeper connection both at work and in their private ...

    The journey I started with Jason has taken me to places within myself that I never knew were there. I realised that all I needed was already there … I just had forgotte...

    Thanks to Jason's commitment to help, through his unscathed patience when I just did not get it, his presence and his empathy I found the keys to myself. I feel like a di...

    Working with Jason literally changed my life in amazing ways. He has the unique ability to listen between the words to uncover areas of who I am that I had never consider...

    In one year’s time, I hardly recognised myself! I had evolved spiritually, emotionally, and physically. And today, five years later, I have maintained those positive ch...

    Jason continued to direct me in concrete ways that allowed me to build upon my initial successes, all the while being patient and encouraging through my times of doubt...


    Speak to a qualified Life Coach Now
    0161 408 2874

    Life Coaching FAQs

    • Does Life Coaching Really Work?

      You’re not alone, many people come to coaching wondering what coaching is going to do for them, well that’s a great start because it really helps highlight the problem, looking for something outside that is only available on the inside. Life Coaching can help you empower yourself and make better decisions, and see the true source of a happy life.

    • How much does a Life coach Cost?

      People often come asking the costs first without knowing what is involved. If it worked that way, you would be simply deciding if to invest in what you think it is, vs what it really is. I always invite people to an initial session first to see if we are a good fit together and then we can discuss costs.

    • Does Life Coaching help with All Areas of Life

      Life Coaching can help you with everything as its a universal understanding that impacts us at the deepest level, beyond the creations in the world like business, relationships, weight loss, to the source of all experience. People often come with a specific thing in mind, but leave finding so much more.

    Amy Macmillan
    Amy Macmillan

    Jason helped me in a time where I felt like I wasn’t ever going to feel myself again. He helped me see that I didn’t need to feel the way I felt forever and that there was a way out. I am so grateful for how selfless and caring he was at this time in my life and I will never ever forget that! His calming words and the peaceful space he creates on a call left me feeling that little bit better each time we spoke. I know he’s always a text away and he holds a special place in my heart for helping me through such a difficult time. Thanks Jason x

    Lois Wilson
    Lois Wilson

    I stumbled across Jason on a podcast group recommended by a friend.
    As soon as I listened I knew that I had to contact and work with Jason.
    I came looking for help, guidance with a situation that was causing me physical stress related symptoms. Covid had just started and everything around me was uncertain, confusing and painful at times. Jason gave me a grounding to work from and shared his understanding of the 3 principles and life experience and knowledge.
    It was a gradual process but I did start to feel that everything was and would be Ok.
    I became more comfortable in my circumstances and very unexpectedly, that resulted in many of my stress illnesses disappearing!
    I came away learning more about how I viewed the world or myself which was the growth I truly needed.

    Jason also supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life when I lost my husband to alcohol related illness. I came through that experience with beautiful memories and a deep gratitude and the ability to support my two children.

    I have since gone on to achieve 2 promotions and now working full time in a role that I didn’t see within my reach, I’m now carving out a job role that’s building me skill set and confidence. I have found connections with my colleagues, patients and family.
    As many have said ..
    A life changing experience!

    I have recommended his articles podcast and website to colleges patients and friends.
    Jason has a professional and natural
    gentle nature, but also feels like a friend for life.

    Ed Coss
    Ed Coss

    Working with Jason really helped me see how a simple change in thinking, mindset and outlook could really help improve my mental health, wellbeing with results that are reflected in improvements in relationship, business and general attitude to life. Would highly recommend.

    Francesa Addabbo
    Francesa Addabbo

    I am a coach and as a coach I act on what I preach. I chose Jason as my coach as I had been given some great feedback by other people we both knew. He was described to me as a non conventional ground breaking coach. I liked the sound of this. I did not have a particular issue to work on but I was confortable in the knowledge that our sessions would develope as they were meant to. After all I knew how to guide a session. What happened after my first session is quite extraordinary. I completely reviewed my coaching skills and decided to let Jason mentor me. His coaching techniques are truly ground breaking. he is able to go so deeply into a conversation that he allows his clients to feel confortable in shearing dreams and ideas that they didn’t even know they had. Deep coaching is invaluable for me now. I could not go back to my old ways to look at coaching. Jason allowed change in me that I didn’t believe I needed and yet it transformed my life in ways I will be grateful to him forever. He is so skilled that you don’t realise how deeply into your mind he is looking until you see the change in you already unfolding. I recommend Jason as one of, if not the best coach I have ever worked with. I truly believe in the benefits of coaching but Jason’s coaching is a good few notches above average.

    Timothy Russel
    Timothy Russel

    I came to Jason to get help with my wife!! yes i know crazy as it sounds, we ended up having relationship coaching and all i can say is WOW! both of us in such a short time got back on track, we started communicating more clearly and saw things from each others perspective much easier. I realised that it was human to get caught up in thoughts, in life from time to time, but also that it was ok and that if i didn’t judge that, things were not so bad. I am so happy I made this decision as this has now saved my marriage.

    Dominic Taylor
    Dominic Taylor

    Deep Life Coaching indeed! as Jason says I came with 1 thing but ended up with so much more. It is really strange what happens when someone knows what questions to ask!! Often during coaching I was stumped, I just really had never seen things the way they were presented to me. What I found was that just a simple change in perspective made such a huge difference to my life. I never realised that it was just my thinking that was causing me to see the world in the way I did – I Realised what I had been chasing through things for so long was happiness and that happiness was available right now, so no need to look for it anymore!

    Nigel Chivers
    Nigel Chivers

    Jasons weight loss mindset transformational package has really helped me see where I was held back with my weight. I only thought I wanted to make a few small changes with some health coaching but the clear vision I got about my relationship with food has opened my mind to a new way of life. I will continue to work with Jason as this stuff runs deep and could last a lifetime!

    Tina Baker
    Tina Baker

    I worked with Jason on his business start up to success package (business coaching) when I was wanting to start my new venture but I was really stuck with branding, how to present myself in the world, did I need a website, where would my clients come from etc. I Think its a pretty standard set of worries but there was so much to work out. Not only did I get my branding down but I worked on my own personal fears, and got a clear vision and some realistic expectations to work towards. I was happy to give Jason a review because i have come so far in the 6 months we have been working together.

    Andy Gillott
    Andy Gillott

    As a life coach myself it can be really hard to find a coach to work with, and when I read Jasons website I just knew there was something more for me in that. I am always looking to better myself but I find that all the work I have done leaves me a little picky and critical. Jason was able to see past the BS and help me move forward on the journey I am on. I continue to work with Jason and when I get stuck with a client he is the first port of call for me.

    Melvyn Rattenbury
    Melvyn Rattenbury

    Jason has been outstanding in helping me change my life – relationships, work and personal life have become so much more natural to me now.