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I work with people who are stuck, want to make changes, and see how the mind really works to create lasting change

  • Find Your Purpose
  • Increase Your Awareness
  • Connect with Your Creativity
  • Feel Good About Life
  • Experience More Joy

Whether you are starting a new business, or making a million £ decision as an executive, business coaching can help you move forward.

  • Make Clearer Decisions
  • How to Show Up
  • Learn What Makes a Difference
  • Outstanding Connections
  • Learn How to Dream Big

Start believing in the impossible, losing weight, or changing your health starts with a clarity of mind, once you understand this, progress is effortless.

  • No More Diets
  • Freedom From Obsession
  • Feel Good About Yourself
  • Improve all Relationships
  • Feel Alive Again

I help couples realise their innate connection, see each others perspective and have a happy relationship, whether you are in turmoil or just want to learn more about each other.

  • Improved Communication
  • Get To Know Each Other
  • Better Intimacy
  • Fall in Love Again
  • Feel Connected

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    Why more people are choosing Wide World
    Life coaching

    • Transformative Change that lasts
    • Coaching from the inside that supports
    • Deep insight that awakens
    • Business Coaching that works
    • Executive Coaching that inspires
    • Leadership Coaching that leads
    • Presence that is felt
    • Brilliance that is noticed
    • Power that is experienced

    What Clients Say About Me


    The feedbacks on the one on one sessions were of deep change which helped each individual to create a better life and deeper connection both at work and in their private ...

    The journey I started with Jason has taken me to places within myself that I never knew were there. I realised that all I needed was already there … I just had forgotte...

    Thanks to Jason's commitment to help, through his unscathed patience when I just did not get it, his presence and his empathy I found the keys to myself. I feel like a di...

    Working with Jason literally changed my life in amazing ways. He has the unique ability to listen between the words to uncover areas of who I am that I had never consider...

    In one year’s time, I hardly recognised myself! I had evolved spiritually, emotionally, and physically. And today, five years later, I have maintained those positive ch...

    Jason continued to direct me in concrete ways that allowed me to build upon my initial successes, all the while being patient and encouraging through my times of doubt...


    Speak to a qualified Life Coach Now
    0161 408 2874

    Life Coaching FAQs

    If you went straight to this question go sit in the corner 🙂 I get it, you would love to know if a life coach can make things happen for you right? You’re not alone, many people come to coaching wondering what coaching is going to do for them, well that’s a great start because what coaching is going to do for you is help you stop making excuses and look for others to do the work for you! So the simple explanation – if that answer didn’t piss you off so much you left thinking what a dick, then yes, you have a good chance it will work. If you’re reading this thinking what is he on about, he should be doing all the work, then, no sorry it won’t help.

    Well yes and no, it depends on many things. I don’t believe in pulling the wool over your eyes so lets get some things ironed out. The coaching is not the answer, beleive it or not you have the answers within, and if you are willing, and really want to go there, then yes i can lead you in that direction by shining my torch on some things you may not have noticed just yet. You see installed beliefs about how relationships ‘should’ be are often the cause of broken down communication along with expectations! the killer of all relationships and the creators of all misery! The great news is this, there is hope, if you are willing to go on a journey, the results can be truly magical.

    Business Coaching can be an amazing resource for getting in line with your why. Many people want to start a business and when you ask them why? they just don’t know the answer or say something along the lines of – because i want to make money. You see businesses with a clear why are run with passion and put the customer first. Putting the customer first is the key to growth and it will shine through in all you do. I help people get clear on what they are doing and why, and help clear up any misconceptions about business to help them grow exponentially. I have been supporting people in massive business growth for 20 years.

    Leadership coaching is the process of getting in touch with your inner leader, assessing how you show up in life, business and your teams and making adjustments through a process of deep inner work and seeing what is holding you back from standing in your power. It is for anyone who is a leader in their lives, whether that be a leader in your volunteer position, or in your billion dollar business empire the core concepts are the same and the change is the same. I help people uncover the blockages that have stopped them from stepping up when the time came, and prepare for the moment when it is time again.

    Yes and no is the short answer, but if you want to know more read on. Weight loss coaching is having a look at your real relationship with food, getting clear on your desired outcomes, then creating a path to get there. It is imperative you are willing to dig in and be honest about your life, why you haven’t achieved your goals and how to face them head on without any fear of failure. Anything is possible you just have to believe it, I help you see the magic in yourself that you haven’t yet quite found and achieve full mind and body relationships, often people report such a huge sense of wellbeing and weight loss just happening as a result of that, once you understand, it is not difficult.

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