I really used to think people could be objective, there was some merit in asking someone else for their objective view of a situation or how it looked to them, but I see now that’s simply a misunderstanding on my part. Everyone’s experience is created subjectively.

The thing is, it’s really easy to see, if 4 people attend a concert, they have 4 different stories to tell, 4 different experiences, 4 different sets of feelings, 4 different sets of memories all from the same concert. When if you look at the bigger picture, there are actually 65,000 different sets of memories, feelings and experiences from that concert.

Everything we experience, we experience through thought in the moment, including our sensory experience of the body. Read that again, but slow down a little, and consider the implications of it, everything we experience, we experience through thoughts in the moment, including our sensory experience of the body. Now take a moment to reflect on that, I don’t mean with the intellect, not to argue or disagree, but to try it on for size, see if it fits.

Is there a benefit to knowing its subjective?

People often say, yeah it’s all subjective, so what? and it makes sense that unless you see it, it is of little value. Syd Banks talks about SEEING as different to seeing, how I talk about this is that one is with the intellect and the other is a deeper sense of KNOWING, like, oh shit! It really does work that way – this one is life changing the first one is good for debate or argument about the use or value of it in the pub.

It’s normal because most of humanity are conditioned throughout their life to believe that life is an outside in experience, you get more property and prestige, wealth and status and you then have a better life. Your intellect develops over time and becomes the go to source of information for if something is correct, thoughts look so real they become beliefs and we talk about them as if they are facts, never really considering the peace of mind and happiness that is available in understanding subjective experience.

How do I see beyond what I already know?

It’s a great question to ask, now we’re motoring. Once you open up to the fact that we don’t know, what we don’t know then anything is possible, and again it’s one of those sentences that requires a double take and a slow down to consider if it’s true, if there is something to investigate. It’s a huge step to go from thinking we know how it all works, to considering something else being possible, and it can be life changing.

Once you start to investigate how experience is created, i.e. look within, is there really any experience without thought? Is everything I think I see coloured by my past conditioning? Do I experience all my senses through thought? Only then will the walls start to tumble.

What happens after realisation that nothing exists?

It could be a short, or a long (forever) journey before the realisation of ultimate truth, nothing really exists outside of our own mind. It’s quite paradoxical because there is form and matter in the world, but without thought and consciousness there is nothing. Circumstances are all neutral, they have no meaning, yet in the human experience, we give them meaning.

People often ask, does this mean once I see it, I will just sit back and do nothing, well it’s an interesting point, yes and no, but here is my experience.

  • Problems lessen – because we realise that they not really problems
  • Mental health improves – because we are not revving our mind up with overthinking
  • Creativity flourishes – because that is who we are, creative beings
  • Relationships blossom – because we are not making shit up about other people
  • Our impact on the world increases – because we realise there is no such thing as low self-worth, lack of confidence or the inability to do anything we want to do.
  • Opportunity is endless – because we are not looking for it in a certain shape and size
  • We handle life so much better – because we just understand how it works

Now I am not sure about anyone else, but to me, and I would suspect to most people that would be life changing.