You probably got here wondering: Who is this guy – Do I want to work with him!…. I truly believe that our perception of life is what connects us to people. We often construct understanding of people from pictures and words with and without(!!!) the “real” story which alienates us or pushes us towards people…

Life is just about perceptions. You read, you see, you hear and you decide what it means through your own history and perception of that… I like to write in a way that leaves questions to ponder.

I am not right, I am not the expert on you, only you are. My role is to help you find what is already inside.

If you want to work with me (and I am most definitely not for everyone) then read on, but I suggest you buckle up in a nice way. It is a no bullshit approach to life not, a “having a nice chat” about your issues approach.

I struggled with me my whole life, but funnily I thought the struggle was with everyone else! It took me about 25 years to realise that they were not the problem I was! I grew up overweight, miserable and lonely. The loss of a parent at a very young age shaped my life more than I could ever know. While is still sad, I am incredibly grateful for that experience, because it has made me the man that I am and a much better parent than I could have ever imagined to be.

I went to a private school and was awarded one of only a few scholarships based on my high IQ. My mum thought I had it made…..but… As I was achieving on an academic and intellectual level, I went through life resentful and angry on a personal level. I was deeply unhappy, grieving feeling, lost, and rapidly gaining weight.

After drifting for a few years, I fell into academic career which was IT based in Digital. I spent the last 20 years ,since the dawn of the internet helping people improve their online presence from start-ups to multi million pound businesses. I have to date worked in several businesses in a leadership capacity and helped them skyrocket to rapid and lasting success.

I started taking an interest in leadership and management by accident. I was so unhappy with the way other people ‘treated’ me that I wanted to understand more. I started my personal development journey over 20 years ago. Somehow I have always been the fearless volunteer and aimed at the deepest inner work I could do. I realised very early on, that the answers are inside all of us, they are not outside!

All my work focuses on the fact that you are already amazing, you already have the answers and no amount of external change in circumstances, money or weight is going to help you be happy. ALTHOUGH! It will come of a by-product of being happy!

I have attended many workshops, I am a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist, coach, NLP Practitioner, counsellor and mentor. I have been through the Hoffman process and many events with Tony Robbins, as well as training with Michael Neill in the 3 principles and Rich Litvin Intensive, the last two are two of the most outstanding coaches I know.

Most importantly I am a Dad to 2 amazing little angels Isabelle and Jay. Isabelle is 8 and she is by far my biggest motivator and inspiration. She is unconditionally loving and a sensitive, kind, thoughtful and a caring soul. She is my constant drive and through her love I am on my daily quest to be the best dad I can possibly be and consequently a better man. Jay is my mini-me. He is 16 months old and for him I strive to be present and available as a dad and as a man to guide him throughout his life.

Seeing my children progress in life and helping them to be shaped in whatever they choose to be is the most rewarding path life has put me on. When my kids were born, I thought I was here to show them the way, however I quickly realised they have come to show me the way.

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