My name is Jason Shiers

Certified Transformative Coach with 25 years of digital creation helping people free themselves from suffering.


I remember many years ago when I heard about people having life changing experience in a just a few sessions of coaching and it really looked like the process of change had to be hard. We spend a lifetime conditioned to believe that change is hard, change is tough, change takes guts, and determination and forced behavioural change

What if that wasnt how it worked?, what if change came as a result of a simple insight into how the mind works, what if complexity was a byproduct of the human condition, and all answers were in simplicity, what I am pointing to is there is a whole new menu on offer, that maybe you haven’t seen yet, what we have learned about change through the traditional psychological modalities of change, isn’t working, and there is lots more to see

I have been working with people and helping to change lives for as long as I can remember in one way or another, while going through my own change, and learning about how the mind works, I bring together 20+ years of experience and learning from all paradigms of change models, to my current understanding of the 3 principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks in the 1970s.

Alongside a career in multiple leadership positions and high financial investment businesses I have helped people from all walks of life, lead and change in new ways that didn’t appear possible. From writing about addiction and mental health, to creative digital campaigns.

Jun 2015-

Helping people see their true nature, and live a life free from suffering, make business decisions easier and live a better life

Apr 2015-

Utilising 20 + years of working in addiction treatment by bridging the gap between people who are looking for help and services provided using innovation and creativity.

Apr 2015-
Jun 2019
  • Take digital lead in all online acquisition
  • Manage teams of staff across all roles design, development, content, creative designers.
  • Liase with directors to advice on current spends, targets and future plans

Nov 1995-

Working with all different types of addictions and mental health in an evolving way including a personal journey.

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