Is addiction really a disease?

Is Addiction a Disease?

Recently I interviewed Dr Bill Pettit and asked a few really prominent questions that people have in the world of addiction. Some of the topics we covered were

  • Is it useful to look to the past for answers?
  • The Brain (hardware) vs The Mind (firmware)
  • Why do people state behavioural change as useful but hard?
  • Tools & Techniques to manage vs understanding how the mind works
  • Are we really powerless over alcohol / drugs?
  • Is abstinence a goal for recovery from addiction?
  • What is meant by spiritual awakening?
  • Is the opposite to addiction, really connection? And how?
  • What does it mean to be at peace?
  • Transformation
  • Recovery Coaching

If you would prefer to read the article expanding on the interview watch it here Uk Addiction Treatment – Is Addiction Really a Disease

Jason Shiers
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