Executive – Business Coaching

What is business coaching

Do you want:

  • To be a true leader
  • To dream big without limitations
  • A clear focus on your purpose and direction
  • Be able to make better decisions with a clear mind
  • To be less caught up in your emotions or thinking
  • Have your staff come to you with innovative ideas
  • Be able to motivate your management team
  • To spend more time with your family and work less

These are the things my clients end up with from my coaching amongst many other things.

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Business Coaching can be used in many ways to develop your existing, or new business to another level.

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You maybe:

  • Under pressure to perform in your role
  • Stuck in a decision on how to move forward
  • Wanting to start a new business but not sure the direction to take
  • Simply looking innovation or new ways to grow

Often the limits of where we can see are in the mind, and it takes a third set of eyes to see our blindspot. What I often do with clients is look at the word ‘progress’ they ‘want to move forward’ but don’t have a clear outcome or what that looks like. We will get that clear! We eliminate unrealistic goals, stop creating imaginary pressure – in order to get moving.

When pressured and anxious about making progress, we are never in the best place to be creative.

So, business coaching is about dreaming big, realising the impossible connecting with and motivating people and getting it done:

  • Getting clear on your outcomes
  • Getting passionate about what you want to achieve
  • Celebrating your wins, no matter how small
  • Learning how to receive – this is a big one for most over achievers
  • Creating balance between your work and family life

Alongside this we will look at your purpose, why is this business important for you! This is a major issue, many clients have no drive or passion for their business because it’s just not their purpose, money will not make you happy, happiness comes from within.

I work with clients to help identify their passions and purpose – it isn’t that hard to be motivated when you’re hopeful and passionate about a cause.

What’s the difference between business & executive Coaching

There are so many variations of this question and random answers, and each coach has their own valid answer, it’s important to pick what resonates for you. Whether you are making a million-dollar decision or you’re starting a business, you’re limited by some form of decision.

The issue is never resources, it’s resourcefulness – if I stuck a gun to your head right now and asked you to achieve something I’m sure you could come up with a way to get it done, the difference is the motivation, nothing else has changed.

The limitation part comes from conditioning and beliefs about yourself and the people around you, situations, all these change within, not outside. It is my job to shine a light in some areas of life so you can see a new direction.

What to expect from business / Executive coaching

Expectations are best clearly outlined at the start of agreeing to work with someone. There can be the disappointment in any relationship if not clear, regardless of whether it is business or romantic!

This is a 200% relationship, 100% from me & 100% from you. Often clients sign up for 1 thing and come away with something completely different, I pride myself on giving massive value.

I am committed to open honest relationships, I am not your friend, I am here to help you lean into your edge and find what’s right for you moving forward. This means I may have to tell you things you don’t like, we may have to look at painful decisions and processes that will challenge who you are. You may want to challenge and overcome fears that you have.

My job is to help you see what is holding you back, and then we work through it, together as a team, I am like your third eye, helping you get laser focussed and goal orientated. With a strong sense of self, happiness & work/life balance.


If you want to start committing to yourself –
Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

Who is business coaching for

It’s for people who want to make a difference in the world! From small start-ups, maybe new to business or wanting to progress from operator to owner, sole trader to entrepreneur. They are really just words, let’s be honest you got here today by recommendation, or by putting a few words into google, the real thing we all want is the relationship, connection, to be heard and understood, and to make a difference in the world.

Who is Executive Coaching for

Mostly executive coaching is for C-suite which is basically meaning peoples whose job title starts with a C:

  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  • COO – Chief Operating Officer
  • CIO – Chief Information Office

So often working with clients who have achieved C-suite positions is the experience of massive financial achievement and lack of fulfilment. Tony Robbins says success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. That’s because you have spent your whole life achieving what you believe would make you happy, only to get it and feel empty.

I work with high achievers on fulfilling purpose as well as making executive decisions that progress business. It is so important to have balance, to spend time with children, disconnected from technology and present in the moment, often people look at me sideways when suggesting a day off. If you’re a C-suite executive, ask yourself:

  • Do you know your purpose?
  • Are you following it?
  • Do you take time for yourself?
  • Are your family always complaining about your lack of time?
  • What things hold you back?

Let’s have a free powerful conversation to define success uncover any blockages you may have and get you on track.

What is the executive or business coaching process

There is a process of coaching, although often it is spontaneous and relational.

Clients often come for coaching with 1 issue but leave getting a whole lot more out of it. After all, you don’t know, what you don’t know right?

This is based on my 6-point process:

  1. We clarify what you want –through the right questions and some honesty from you, we get a clear pic of what you want to achieve and where you want to move towards. I don’t use any automated profiling or computer-generated nonsense, this is real connection and honest appraisal.
  2. We assess where you are now –by this I mean we look at your reality and your factual circumstances. We see which ones of them are created by you and are real. We also see what is fixed, what is changeable we basically have an unbiased (as much as possible) view of where you are at.
  3. We look at how you got here –You may feel like you haven’t achieved anything but when you take an honest look at your successes, with a third eye on you, you have achieved a lot of things, sometimes your past will play a part in your stuck process.
  4. We check out your resources –Often it is not a lack of resources that holds us up, but a look at what you think they are will uncover some blockages. Resourcefulness is often the restriction, and this is a mind-set we can work on and get creative with. We often simply make decisions about what is holding us back, or make excuses!
  5. We make an action plan –Maybe not literally but we come up with a direction that moves you towards your goal. We know what the blocks are from our previous work. If you dont make your goals, we can do some coaching around that and help you to move forward.
  6. We celebrate your achievements –It is so easy to take criticism for many of us and so uncomfortable to accept praise and acknowledgement. We make a plan to celebrate, and acknowledge your achievements, we get used to making this a familiar process, small or big wins are all wins, positive energy and encouragement help us continue with momentum and movement forwards.

How to benefit from business coaching

You benefit and get the most of our coaching by showing up being fully present and being totally honest. Being willing to get uncomfortable, building a true connection – from your side of things this may include, listening to feedback, testing waters you haven’t done before and being vulnerable.

This is for me the best part of the work, witnessing my client’s transformations, seeing the benefits of taking risks they didn’t know existed, finding new directions in life and getting the rewards, a true awakening of the spirit.

Why business & executive coaching works

Coaching works because we are essentially sometimes blinded by being too close to a project or situation, by emotion and even passion. Often, we are so overly involved in things we want, what we think we want and what other want for us that we don’t have a clear vision.

Working with me you get a third eye, a new member of your team to make things happen, to give a different perspective on things and to help make decisions that are in line with your future goals.

We can together:

  • Get clear on your outcomes
  • Build massive confidence
  • Get laser focussed
  • Make better clear decisions
  • Make constant progress
  • Growth in all types of relationships

If you would like to have a free powerful conversation for business or executive coaching give me a call or request a call-back today.

Business Coaching FAQs

When someone asks me how much does coaching cost, what they are really wondering is Can I afford to hire a business coach? Or how to quantify the value. I often ask how much is a life changing insight worth, or a clear business decision, it’s certainly a question to ponder.

I have spent years honing my skills with people, depth and insight, spent 1000s on coaching and personal development, gone through many transformations of health, finances, mind and spirit.

I have spent many years building multi-million pound businesses working with C-suite level staff, stakeholders and directors in management positions. I bring to the table from both sides of the coin.

I coach by insight rather than by time. Coaching may be 1-2hrs it may last less.

If you are ready for a life changing process give me free call to discuss.

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The “best” coaching program is clearly the one that works for you. Not every coach and every client will be a good fit, sometimes I won’t work with people because we are not a good fit, it has to be a 10/10 for both client and coach. As I want to provide more value than is expected, I have to be sure I can achieve this. Some people are just not ready for coaching on their journey, this is not to say they are bad or good, just at a different point in time.

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If you want to start committing to yourself –
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