Executive & Business Coaching

Guide to Executive Business Coaching

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Do you want:

  • To understand real leadership

  • To dream big without limitations

  • Be able to make better decisions with a clear mind

  • To be less caught up in your emotions or thinking

  • Have your staff come to you with innovative ideas

  • Be able to motivate your management team

  • To spend more time with your family and work less

Executive Coaching and business coaching can be used in many ways to develop your existing strategy, or take a new business to another level, it’s a human resource development taken to a whole new understanding. A mentorship into yourself. The limits of where we can see are in the mind, and it takes a third set of eyes to point out our blind spots that then allows us to grow and achieve way beyond what we can personally imagine.
Coaching can be a way into new creative ideas, creativity is what paves the way for problem solving, overcoming challenging hurdles and innovation, allowing our business to grow fluidly with our ideas. Executive coaching is really the process of deepening your understanding of yourself with an executive coach, and understanding better, your role in business creation through the coaching engagement and executive coaching services.

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    What does a Business Coach do?

    The business coaching programme will help eliminate the idea that you need to be somewhere else other than where you are, which is often where people get stuck, in self-criticism, doubt or overthinking. This allows creativity to flow through and see clearly what wants to be created next.

    Many executive coaches come up with strategies and action plans, or business goals and a vision boards for your company or personal improvement goals. But as the true entrepreneur that we know you are, we help bring out what’s inside of you to actualisation in the world through coaching sessions, your self awareness is the key to professional development and improved leadership skills.
    Coaching is different to a trainer or mentoring in that we know that you have all the greatness inside of you, and we help bring that out, shine a light on what’s already there. No amount of corporate training can really prepare you for the full on human experience. You are the expert in your field, whether it be building SME’s, corporate investment or senior executive challenges, the roadblocks are the same, the fundamental foundations do not change.

    After working together on executive business coaching for a while, you will start to see how effortless things can be, seeing the source of creativity and what skills you are best at utilising and what jobs are best to be outsourced, how you can help, nurture relationships with colleagues and team members, how you can motivate teams effortlessly, or ultimately lead a whole department. How you can measure success, and know the key differences with individual coaching.

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    Can an executive business coach help?

    A business coach can help you and your team members in many ways. Whether they are executives, directors or management a change in perspective will help you shine a whole new light on the following areas:

    • Productivity

    • Goals

    • Success

    • Health& Wellness

    • Well-being

    • Management

    • Leadership

    • Life coaching

    • Relationship coaching

    • Co-coaching

    • Career Coaching

    • Corporate coaching

    Executive coaching services will give you a different perspective of all these areas will give you access to creativity that you didn’t see before, and allow infinite business growth. We’re often caught up in our ideas about life and business and we see what is possible from that place, but this allows us to see fresh ideas to growing and to understand successful business practices.

    A good executive coach or business coach will shine a light on what is already true, help you achieve to your infinite potential, a poor one will not see your greatness and simply give you tools and techniques to get you to where their limitations exist, we all have them.

    Executive coaching

    Executive coaching is simply a term used for people in executive positions

    • CEO – Chief Executive Officer

    • CFO – Chief Financial Officer

    • Chief Operating Officer

    • Chief Information Office

    • Managing Directors

    • Business Owners

    • Stakeholders

    Whether you are making executive decisions, staff management or in charge of the whole operation as a business owner, it is important to understand how the mind works. Also, how that can help you make better decisions, with a clearer more focussed approach to what you do, how to be more useful to your business, improve communication and help it grow consistently. An executive coach or business coach can help you in all these areas to really have a deep understanding of what it takes.


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    Start-up business coaching

    Business Coaching is ideal if you are wanting to create a start-up. Many entrepreneurs or business owners, freelancers and self-employed people try their own thing then come across a great idea that ends up requiring more time than you imagined, and more knowledge and or expertise so it is always a great idea to get a business coach involved to nurture your creativity into reality.

    So whether you are just starting off, or are investing millions into the next tech giant, start-up business coaching can really help you change directions and make things happen quickly and more effectively than when you are trying to juggle all the balls by yourself.

    Management & Leadership coaching

    Getting business coaching or executive coaching for management and team leaders can make a huge difference in their leadership style, and leadership skills that will affect the rest of your business. Marketing manager, project and operations managers make decisions that have a potential huge impact on your business, and it is always good to improve their leadership competencies and leadership skills. It makes a lot of sense for senior leaders in these positions to get business coaching that will help them in their daily challenges. An executive coach or a business coach can really help you step up to your leadership responsibilities and see beyond constructed beliefs that actually keep you stuck.

    Learning an inside out understanding of how the mind works with an executive coach, seeing that we are all projecting our perspective of the world outwardly, will help leaders look at daily hurdles with a different perspective and allow have a more effortless experience of moving forward.

    a business coach talking to a group at a company about the benefits of business coaching
    a calculator working out business finances and making notes
    an executive coach talking to 2 executives about their roles in the business

    Staff coaching

    Businesses that hire a business coach for their staff to ultimately lead team members are infinitely more productive and innovative. When management see the value in nurturing the staff and helping the mind-set of all individuals in the business, it has a knock-on effect on business growth.

    Building relationships between team members, creating a synergistic effect throughout your workforce, where they are all singing from the same hymn sheet, can make night and day difference to how your own days’ work out.

    This is in effect, relationship coaching for people in your team to help create a productive team environment in your entire organisation, to help them see how their own mind gets in the way of their own well-being on a daily basis and effects work flow.

    Interview coaching

    What you often see in a business is passed down the chain, when interviewing someone it’s important to know and understand how you employ people based on your own psychological limitations. Your interviewee may be completely different to the person you think you are looking for as an employee. When you start to get an understanding of how the mind works, you see that different can be good, and whether you do or don’t like someone, is irrelevant in the interview process, and more a function of your own thinking than whether or not someone is valuable to you.

    Does business coaching work?

    It’s interesting that the word ‘work’ here could mean so many things, will it increase your creativity? What will that look like? How will we measure it? What would being more creative look like for you? Would it be a straight increase in profit? Or would there be other ways to measure the effectiveness of coaching?

    How about productivity? Could there be set numbers increasing, or more of a turn over, what about staff contentment at work, and how it affects their daily experience of being in your place of business?

    You see the measurement are subjective, but it is something that we can discuss and see, coaching is meant to help solve your pain points, and improve your business, so this is where we start, seeing what you want to get out of it, and coming up with a plan together.

    Some interesting facts from a few studies about business / executive coaching:

    • Metrix Global LLC found that there was an average return of £7.90 for every £1 spent on coaching

    • They also found that there was a 529% return on investment and other significant intangible results

    • Another study showed that there was an average return on investment of almost 6 times the cost of coaching

    Obviously, these are just numbers, but they just give you an idea of the potential impact of business coaching on your business.

    How long is business coaching?

    It may seem like a simple calculation; how long will it take to reach our goals? But often things change during executive coaching, businesses I work with see new potential, they start to realise new creativity and that their original goal, was limited by how far they could see with their current understanding. What happens is, the understanding of potential changes, and the understanding of creativity changes, so there is no set amount, we agree a time we assess, and we keep adapting to what is showing up along the way.

    Choosing the right business coach

    Choosing the right business coach can be a minefield, the number 1 thing to consider is can this person help me, not their credentials (but yes, I have them) not what modality of coaching they studied or if you think it will be useful, but can they help my business grow. There are so many misconceptions and ideas out there but everything is built on the relationship.

    I have been twice certified by Michael Neill @ supercoach academy in Los Angeles, qualified as an NLP Practitioner and previously in multiple modalities as a therapist with accreditation.

    You can read more about my work Here.

    Business Coaching FAQ

    • How much does business coaching or executive coaching cost?

      There is no one size fits all answer for this, it depends on the size of your business, if we do workshops or one to one for all management or leadership teams and really how it works, the best thing with a not off the shelf package is, its tailored to what you need. Executive coaching can be tailored to your needs.

    • Is business coaching beneficial for small businesses?

      Business coaching or executive coaching will help all businesses whether you are getting off the ground or starting a growth spurt, there are so many areas that you just don’t see when you are so close to the business.

    • What can I expect?

      Initially we will be seeing where you are at, what you think you need, and seeing what else might be possible, and how our executive coaching relationship may grow together.

    • Are business coaches qualified?

      Some are, some aren’t, they work via experience in the field they are in, each coach will be unique in what they bring. We always suggest to focus on the relationship first.

    • Do sessions happen online?

      Business coaching or Executive coaching can happen either way, lately more online but also depends on the size of your business, the needs and of course the costs and location.

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