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Leadership coaching is life coaching for organisational leaders of any type, it’s a great way to develop your own understanding of leading people, and find out how it could be better, more effective, and how you could connect more with others, there are many coaching styles. Coaching will include seeing your natural creativity and current leadership where it is effective an where it isn’t, and then the development into further understanding of how it works.

What is Leadership Coaching?

There are so many concepts about leadership, that it is very easy to get lost, there are countless practices, strategies and ideas about and how leadership should be, including what it is to be a one to one coach, a leader, how to deliver training to your organisation, how to create motivation in the workplace and much more.

This coaching is beyond concepts and ideas of leadership, it will uncover what is already naturally inside of you, we will tap into your natural creativity that will allow you to be an inspiration within your role. Leadership is not always all about goals and vision boards, but sometimes just about showing up as your authentic self. Getting comfortable with you really are, and not who you think you should be.

It is the concepts of leadership that often stop you from showing up in your true power that is within, that give you too much to think about and not just be in the moment with the decisions you need to make.

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Who would benefit from Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching can be beneficial for people of all walks of life, whether you are leading in a small group, or you are making billion-pound decisions, it is the same leadership, it is recognising the true power within that will help you through all these times. It can be most helpful if you are wanting to achieve short term goals or long-term organisational goals.
  • CEOs & Directors

    For CEO’s & Directors making organisations decisions that can affect the whole business, it can often feel like a lot of pressure knowing which way to turn and how to make those all important goals, what creates that pressure, what is beyond it? How naturally can it all flow when you see how the system works from the inside out?
  • Entrepreneurs

    The journey into entrepreneurship can be one of many decisions, whether its which direction to invest in, new businesses to start or just financial or staffing/employment decisions within one of your business, the way you show up to the roles that require leadership will mould the rest of your business, and the people who also show up for you.
  • Team Leaders

    The role of a team leader can often include lots of people management, and making difficult choices. Leadership coaching can help with those people skills, helping give a new perspective and focus and seeing through peoples personal beliefs, which in turn helps the flow of business and growth.
  • Head Teachers

    As a powerful role model, you will get to see what gets in your way, and how you can be strong and influential. Giving you greater impact on your teachers and students, connecting with that place in you where people naturally listen, rather than it being forced, leading becomes natural instead of a job
  • Coach’s & Therapists

    Whatever your role is in trainings, groups or facilitation, there will always be challenges where you question yourself, this coaching helps you come from a place of certainty, where you just know, it’s is not about a learned skill but a deeper knowing of who you are.

How does Leadership Coaching work?

Leadership coaching works either on a one-to-one basis, giving feedback, support and guidance through a deeper understanding of how the mind really works. We dig into what makes you tick, and how having a clearer mind can help you see so much further and wider in leadership decisions.

You get to see that resources are not the problem, but the belief about a lack of resourcefulness that is within. Everyone is infinitely creative, they just believe they are not, that’s not to say that some people are not better suited to certain tasks and that’s what learn to see.

Intuitive insight lead leadership, where you get to see what is already there, beyond your level of thinking about what you need, do or don’t have the ability to create or achieve. This coaching will open your mind to the infinite creative potential that is available to everyone.

We get to rethink your goals from a different perspective and a different understanding of your own ability, where you get to maximise your own natural performance capabilities, and feel confident about your daily life.

One to One

Coaching one to one is great if you have issues that you don’t want to share in a group usually but in transformative leadership coaching there really is no need to share personal details, the understanding is universal and often our personal stories have less weight when we start to realise the source of our experience. You can often miss out on sharing insights, and getting the benefit of other people’s transformations which is magical to see.

Group Coaching / Team Building

Group coaching can be a wonderful experience, you get to go on a journey of understanding together, and often what one person sees and shares with the group, becomes a point of exploration for everyone. Group coaching tends to have a great outcome when people are willing to listen and not forced to be there by their employer. Groups are relaxed and warm, with no one having to share anything they don’t want to be, generally people leave with a feeling of well-being and a closer relationship with their colleagues.

Leadership Coaching vs Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching is the concept people know to develop leadership skills and for leaders. People in positions of responsibility and or with a team or even a business to lead. The fundamentals of ALL coaching are the same, when you have a better understanding of how your own experience is created, and you see that all the concepts of psychology are simply just that, they are not fact. An exploration of leadership from this place leads to a different outcome. Executive business coaching is for people who who are C-Suite positions and or for businesses in general, teams and executives can have specific needs, but there is no difference in the fundamentals

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The Benefits of Leadership Coaching

The benefits of this leadership coaching are beyond words and text really, and it would be great to have a conversation if this resonates with you.

You get to see that the limitations that look like real hurdles in life, the things that stop productivity and creativity flowing are merely a reflection of your own beliefs about what is possible. Once you see the blocks that are all made up in your own mind about what is possible, the floodgates open to see the infinite creative potential.

Rather than limitations looking like road blocks, they start to look like challenges to overcome, or gifts to nurture. When you start to see the enormous innate ingenuity that is built into the human design, positivity will prevail, work/life balance will come naturally, stress reduction will no longer be a goal.

With insight lead learning, what you get to see is yours, its permanent, there are no practices or strategies because we are uncovering what is within. It is a journey beyond beliefs, not always easy but the most rewarding journey any person can go on.

While this may seem somewhat abstract at this point, to put it simply

  • Leadership – Understand your innate ability to lead

  • Clarity – Make clear decisions and move forward

  • Productivity – Improved productive processes and understandings

  • Compassion – Greater ability to feel and connect with team members

  • Resilience – Realise the source of innate resilience is within

Why work with me?

If you haven’t realised it yet…then this leadership coaching is based around you, and developing what you already have, seeing beyond what you think you need. Most leadership coaches are selling skills and concepts, which are a little like Macdonald’s burgers, they taste good in the moment, but you are hungry again 5 mins later. They meet the needs of the misunderstanding of most people looking for leadership help. What this coaching does is help you discover what is already within.

Leadership Coaching FAQ’s

Leadership coaching can be delivered in your business, to yourself or your team leaders, or in groups, or via zoom, it depends on your needs and the amount of people involved. Often an initial conversation via video conference helps us get aligned.

There is no off the shelf package, there are so many variables to consider, how it is delivered, how many people to, how long for etc, what you can be assured of, is a coaching package that is tailored to the needs of yourself and your business.

No, leadership coaching can be value to any leader, whether it be in organisations, in a family or personal situation, or in a multi-million-pound business, the fundamentals are the same, and the coaching is always tailored to your needs.

We can, if that is what is required and it seems of more value, often where there are multiple people in leadership positions, it can make sense, but with the development of video conferencing over recent time, it can save time not to, there are some things that just require being in person for that there is no substitute for.

Coaching is effectively a type of development, or a mutually beneficial relationship where a professional coach gives support, guidance to a learner/client in an area of life, by providing training either online or in person. The learner is also known as a coachee, the relationship maybe formal or informal it depends on the arrangement, but a relaxed environment and embracing humanness is important for continued development. Mentoring is different to coaching, because even though the coachee may bring specific tasks or objectives they are often the fundamental in roads to help rebuild the foundations of development. A mentor will bring their expertise in a specific area of business, where they have already been successful, a coach’s expertise is coaching, you are the expert on your business in the coaching relationship.

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure

– Tony Robbins

Those who are unaware they walking in darkness – will never seek the light

– Bruce Lee

Who looks outside dreams – Who looks insides awakens

– Carl Jung

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