What are Coaching Styles and do they work?

There are many different types of coaching styles, as to whether they ‘work’ or not please read on. Everyone comes to the coaching world via a different route, there is no 1 size fits all and people often develop their skills towards problem solving in their own life.

Feedback says that to become a great coach and leader, you need to have a more holistic approach. All types of coaching are conceptualised in the mind of the client as it is, for example Leadership Coaching is often presumed only taught by leaders, whereas in reality, anyone that understands the human experience and connection on a deep level can help someone improve their position as a leader.

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Different Coaching Styles Work for Different People

Different styles of coaching play to people’s strengths in different ways, sometimes people benefit from having a few different approaches, sometimes they have multiple coaches also which can be beneficial or often conflicting.

This works when operating at the level of people’s psychology, but the way we work here at Wide World Coaching is beyond peoples psychology, with principles, laws that are true for all people. Like the principle of gravity, when you understand this, and you are in a rush to get down from a high floor of a hotel, you do not jump, you take the lift.

Working with principles, to understand the human experience bypasses all coaching styles and concepts, it is universal and life changing in all areas of life, rather than choosing a better option, it is the best option.

Authoritarian/Autocratic Coaching

This style of coaching is based on one person’s beliefs about right and wrong. They will typically make all decisions with very little to no input from others about direction. It tends to halt the creative flow and has a strict limitation. If people are successful, they tend to suffer in other areas of life a great deal, for example sacrificing family life for the sake of financial gain.

This sort of leader has a dictatorship style and sometimes this suits people to be a follower, but has it’s limitations as above in benefits.

Democratic Coaching

This style of coaching is completely the opposite of autocratic coaching, because it relies on input from the team, under the facilitation of the coach to come to decisions. This is client centred so it is 1 step closer to transformative, because in the concept there is an understanding the client holds their own answers, but it is still working in the realms of the psychology, rather than beyond it.

Younger people respond well to democratic coaching and also individual sports, due to the more participative role that they play in the process. Depending which way you look at this results could take longer, but with the right guidance to highlight the wisdom of the client, results could come quicker.

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Vision Coaching

Vision coaching is similar to or based in a partial misunderstanding of manifestation or law of attraction. There is a focus on future thinking of the things you want to achieve and how that shapes the path to them, while this is a step ahead of any of the other styles, it still misses the fundamental understanding and role of thought in the creation of reality on a day to day basis and keeps people in the loop of chasing an illusion.

Laissez-Faire Coaching

Once again this style of coaching really sees the innate intelligence in the coachee, there is little direction from the coach and only really a sounding board or a place to explore what is best for the client. The style of coaching really enables the client to start to rely on their own resources and see that they have everything they need.

Transformational Coaching / Transformative Coaching

Transformative coaching is a transformational experience, to put it simply, we have conversations that are transformative, they change your life, but nothing actually has to change on the outside. There is only 1 true process of change and that is insight, a site from inside where the outside world looks different, but nothing has changed.

With insight lead learning, nothing has to be practiced, no techniques are needed (but they may be used) it relies upon the innate intelligence within all human beings, and that when we see the relationship between thoughts and reality, life changes, unrecognisably and instantaneously. There is no going back.

This then plays out in all areas of life, relationships, personal, business and things start to look very different, life becomes more joyful and a fun place to play, less serious and more of the things you always wanted and strived for.

Transformational Life coaching packages are available where we go on a journey together to a life changing outcome.


So what is the right style for me? Well the honest answer is all of them and none of them, but when in the hands of a true transformative coach who understands the inside out nature of life, then they all could be useful at some point, when it makes sense, and often not.

People do not fit into boxes or styles or types often when someone is trying to shoehorn you into that, that’s because they have put themselves into that box or concept and this always has its limitations. Transformative coaching is not limited, it has the infinite power to explore the human potential and transform lives.

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Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure
– Tony Robbins
Those who are unaware they walking in darkness – will never seek the light
– Bruce Lee
Who looks outside dreams – Who looks insides awakens
– Carl Jung
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