Leadership Coaching for the Educational Sector

Whether you are looking for leadership coaching for head teachers, college and university lecturers or an executive coach, Wide World Coaching can help you. Leadership coaching for the educational sector is one of our specialties and we have vast experience in this area.

Understanding the relationship as a leader in education to the people who you have a responsibility to look after/lead is such an impactful process. We love taking people on this journey of understanding beyond traditional educational constructs.

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What is School / University Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching for schools / Universities is the process of understanding how effective relationships are formed in education and in life, because even though we have a title, it’s all really about the people, and humanity.

When you start to see beyond the constructs of western society to the true essence of your being, and how relating to another be it pupil, staff / team member or parent, there is a different relationship that takes place. We help you see where you have become lost in your ideas, and to return to the natural leader that you actually are and always have been. This is the most powerful form of leadership there is, beyond any concepts and constructs or ‘effective leadership’ books you may read.

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching in Schools & Universities

When going through this leadership coaching, you start to see the benefits in real time within your relationships. You will get a clearer understanding of yourself in relation to others, see why you experience certain people in certain ways and most importantly see beyond your experience of people to the point where it no longer affects your leadership abilities.

The ability to see beyond your own experience to the truth of what leadership is about is a permanent seeing, it’s not a practice or technique to be a better leader, it is seeing that you already are and have always been a true leader. The benefits of this not only change your experience in roles and responsibilities, but in all areas of life. The potential is infinite.

The Benefits for Pupils

When pupils are led and guided by someone who has understood leadership beyond concepts, rather than push them to what you think is best, you will be guiding them to their own inner knowing of what is best. It is the difference between teaching someone to fish and feeding them a fish.

There is no more powerful way than to be what you teach, when you are leading from a place of knowing who you are, your students will also see that within themselves. When students start to see they are guided from within, they become naturally more creative, more driven and nicer people to be around. The student teacher relationship benefits infinitely and the potential for nurturing growth beyond imagination is magical.

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How Does Educational Leadership Work and What Can I Expect?

While many types of leadership coaching will expect you to take a lot of notes, and learn and practice many techniques, we understand you are at your best when you have a clear mind, and are present in the moment. Therefore we often call this journey an undoing or unlearning rather than learning. This is often quite hard for the intellectual mind to digest, so if you are uncertain, it’s good to notice how the brain tries to process information.

What you will get from that journey that we go on together well, there really is no exact answer, but for sure many of the following experiences: a clearer mind while in conflicting situations, an ability to be present with people who present behaviour you do not approve of, to be free of judgement, to see how there is always a way to overcome any challenge you face no matter how bit it seems in the moment, better relationships, more joy, more fulfillment and most importantly peace of mind.

Why choose us?

If you have read this far, maybe something in the content has caught your attention, we know that even if you don’t yet understand intellectually, you know when there is something to learn from someone. So we would love to join you on your journey of understanding, and help you learn how to fish, rather than give you a fish. You know what is right for you, we would be honoured to join you.

If you want to start committing to yourself – Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure

– Tony Robbins

Those who are unaware they walking in darkness – will never seek the light

– Bruce Lee

Who looks outside dreams – Who looks insides awakens

– Carl Jung

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