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It’s time to take control of your life and business. Do you want to start a business, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have a business that needs expert guidance? `No matter what your situation is, it’s possible to turn the future into the reality you deserve.

If you’re looking for a Life Coach or Business Coach in Leeds, I can help! With 20 years of experience working with clients in person and over zoom, I can help you chart a course towards a brighter future.

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    What is a Life Coach?

    Life coaching is a personal development process that aims to bring positive change in people’s lives. It helps individuals to achieve their goals, build self-confidence and identify their strengths and weaknesses. It creates awareness of self through various tools such as goal setting, values clarification and action planning. A life coach will help you in effective goal management and achieving what you aspire for in real life. A good life coach in Leeds will understand your needs and help make the most of your resources.

    What is a Business Coach?

    A business coach is a professional who provides training and advice to someone who needs to improve or develop a particular skill set in order to be more successful. business coaching helps entrepreneurs in Leeds get clarity, make better decisions, and move forward with greater confidence. It differs from training in that the coach assists with personal development around the key aspects of professional and personal life in order to achieve success.

    How Does Life / Business Coaching Work?

    Life Coaching paves the way for exponential results in a person’s life. Life coaches are often confused with counsellors, however, the differences are significant and life coaching is far beyond counselling. The basic aim of a life coach is to bring about positive changes in an individual’s life. Some of the important aspects in which changes are brought about are mindset, attitude, relationships, career and health.

    On the other hand, business coaching works because it empowers you with the skills to do what you want – reaching your next level of success, or creating completely new business opportunities from scratch. Business coaching has helped hundreds of business owners in Leeds create and grow a successful business.


    If you want to start committing to yourself –
    Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

    Who can Benefit from Life or Business Coaching?

    Anyone and everyone would benefit from Life coaching in Leeds. Life Coaching is an investment in yourself. It’s never too early, or too late to make a positive change in your life. You want to be the best version of yourself that you can be, and that’s what a life or business coach is there to do.

    Business coaches work with various entrepreneurs, artists, psychologists and other professionals and business leaders to achieve their business goals. Regardless of what position you hold or the sector you work in, there are no limits to your career potential.

    How much does Life / Business Coaching Cost in Leeds?

    Life Coaching is a service, not a product. A good life coach will help you set goals and develop habits that will give you the best chance of reaching those goals. Your life coach will charge by the hour. Life coaching rates range £150 – £300 per hour, depending on experience and geographic location, with similar costs for business or Executive Coaching.

    Choosing the Right Coach

    Choosing the right life coach can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for help with your business, career, relationships or changing habits, it is important to find someone who is going to be the best fit for you. And that takes some effort and time on your part. Here are 5 questions to ask when choosing a life coach: 1) Do I like this person? 2) Can I talk openly with them? 3) Do we share the same beliefs and values? 4) Am I excited about their style and approach? 5) If I do make a change, will they be there for me all the way through it?

    How Long Does Life Coaching/Business Coaching Take?

    The amount of time a coaching experience lasts varies in relation to each individual. The initial time commitment can vary from 1 session to several sessions, depending on each person’s situation and needs. After the initial engagement, future appointments will be covered by a retainer fee paid monthly or quarterly for ongoing support.

    Many people come to coaching in the hope of gaining deeper insights into themselves, their relationships and what blocks them. At times it can feel as though we have to overcome our entire history before we can start anew. The good news is that change doesn’t have to be a long, slow process. When you let go of one thing, one thought or feeling, your mind frees up space and another feeling is ready to enter. All it takes is one small change to make room for another.

    If you want to start committing to yourself –
    Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

    About Leeds

    Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England. It is known as the “Birthplace of Industry” in recognition of its pioneering contributions to the Industrial Revolution. It was the world’s first industrialised city, with factories producing textiles from A.D 1750 by using water power. The textile industry, once the largest contributor to Leeds’s economy, had begun to decline in the years leading up to World War I.

    Leeds in West Yorkshire is one of the most important economic centres in the UK: it’s home to a young, educated population, a financial sector that’s growing in importance, and has links to the larger European economy.

    Leeds is the 3rd largest city in England and the UK’s eighth biggest.