Find a life coach near me

Finding a good life coach can be a daunting task, who do you ask, why, what do you look for, how much do they cost, so many questions to ponder and where do you even start looking? This guide will help you answer those questions, what is important, what to look for and what to avoid.

A genuinely great coach is interested in you getting the help you need, not just taking money. Service first is always the way, most things in life are bought by the hour, time = money. In coaching this isn’t the case, after all I could sit with you for an hour and do nothing, or we could have a 5 min conversation that may change your life forever, impact is what you are looking for, not time.

It can be hard to get out of this mindset but it really pays to consider what it is you value in this type of relationship and how it will serve you, what is it you really want to get out of it?

What is a life coach

This could be defined in many ways, but for a start, it’s not just someone with a qualification. You have to ask yourself what it is you really want from a coach before you decide what to look for. This can be a daunting question because often people just don’t know!

A life coach is someone who can move you forward. Often there is a lot more available in life than what you realise. Many people go through life asleep, accepting what they believe to be true from the surroundings they grew up in.

A life coach can help you have a real awakening, there is so much more to life. At times people just have a sense of something not being quite right, it could be that they are successful in business but don’t feel fulfilled, or there relationship is missing a little something.

A life coach is someone who will support you being the most authentic version of yourself, to help you find your purpose in life, whatever you are passionate about. They will not let you make excuses for your circumstances, but in a compassionate way help you to overcome that and made headway on your journey. They will challenge you to show your true greatness – something that we all have inside of us.

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    What to Expect From Your Coach

    Expect your coach to be human first of all, becoming a life coach doesn’t mean you become spiritually perfect and float around cross legged palms upwards on a magic carpet. Your coach should be present with you during sessions, if you don’t feel that, its worth saying. A great coach will also invest in their own life coaching, how can they know what its like to invest in coaching if they don’t. It is important a coach does their own deep inner work to be able to be present during your sessions, so don’t be shy about asking this question, its certainly more relevant than do you have a life coaching qualification!

    It goes without saying to expect standard professional courtesy from your coach, appointments, payments, terms of your work together, notice periods for cancellations and making appointments, but some coaches are more flexible than others. Most importantly is the communication between you, where you feel open to be able to discuss anything you are concerned about without fear of reprisal.

    What’s Expected of You

    Commitment! It may sound strange but one of the biggest things for a client is to invest in themselves. When you commit to coaching, you are committing to change, to realisation, to awareness to learning new things, this is a big step for anyone, and often I find clients are not ready for this. It is very easy to say yes but when challenged it can get scary.

    Show up on time, keep to your appointments, be ready to learn about yourself, this is a journey and it can be extremely rewarding. Even though comfort zone is just a concept, its where most people live, and getting out of that zone can be where there are a lot of rewards and a new experience of being alive.

    Session Frequency

    This can be dependent on many things, some coaches have session’s weekly, bi-weekly etc it can also depend what you are working on. At times I let clients have reflection time to consider what we have worked on and how it plays out in their life, and to have new realisations. Sometimes specially at the start, sessions are more frequent in order to get down to it and see where the work needs to be done.

    There are no set rules, apart from consistency, I never leave it open to be ‘whenever you feel like it’ as this is not a support service, it’s a life changing process which needs to be worked on.


    If you want to start committing to yourself –
    Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

    Find a certified Life coach

    Certification is a great, if accompanied by the deep inner work needed to be present in the coaching relationship. The International Coaching Federation is the most recognised accreditation – but although this means people will have gone through formal training, it doesn’t necessarily make them a great coach.

    Some of the greatest coaches have done more unconventional trainings in different modalities; also some smaller accrediting organisations have very little value when it comes to the quality of coaching. People can sit through years of training with very little self reflection.

    So don’t get too caught up in chasing them, focus on the relationship and the quality of the coaching you are receiving.

    How to find an effective life coach

    Effective is the ultimate word, but how to do we measure effectiveness? Do you walk away from sessions thinking WOW! Or does your life change unrecognisably in a short period? I remember attending a very expensive coaching training and the trainer asked at first, please don’t think about what you are getting out of the training, and don’t judge the training by what you have previously experienced. Now that was alien to me as that was what I did to everything, I joined up then started to see where I could assign value.

    I can honestly say that was one of the best trainings I have ever been on for understanding life, coaching and some deep insights into myself. I am not suggesting that you don’t consider what you are receiving but once you commit, let the process take place, insights come in all sorts of shapes and forms and can take time.

    Why get a life coach?

    Why is a great question, why indeed! It’s an important question to know the answer to. Many people seek out help in crisis, or in light of a struggle in life, and yes a life coach can help you, but the universe has a way of connecting us with like minded people, so when in crisis, you’re likely to find other people in crisis.

    Get a life coach if you are committed to change, if you are committed to making a difference in life. If you are already successful but you know more is available, if you have achieved in one area of your life but you want to be more successful in others.

    If you have high standards, and you know you can achieve more. If you just want a third eye on your already well performing assets. Get a life coach is you want to know what is possible and your mind is open to new possibilities.

    Best Life Coaches Near Me

    “The best” is a relative term, what is the best to you may not be the best to me, we all have a made up set of criteria we have fabricated to judge what is right for us. Bare in mind it is completely made up! So how do you pick ?

    A coach for cheap is a cheap coach as I have heard said so greatly in a book I read from a very successful coach. Price is probably the worst criteria to use to pick a coach. We all have our ‘reasons’ why but try to be open minded to consider why you are where you are today. Using the same mind and thinking that got you here, can’t possibly take you there.

    Is it just possible that there is another way to pick? That you haven’t yet considered what the best is? Keep an open mind to new possibilities, have conversations, follow your instinct and see where you end up. Whatever choice you make will be the best choice for you.

    Local Search

    Technology has moved on, don’t be tied just to local because of proximity, sometimes the best coaches don’t live in your street. Zoom has a great means to have a powerful conversation via video call that almost can seem like you are in the same room.

    Saying that, there will be lots of life coaches near you to choose from, simply do a google search, look on or other relevant sites that provide lists of coaches and start having some conversations.

    How much does life coaching near me cost?

    Don’t Let Cost Be Your Deciding Factor! I get that it’s a realistic point to consider but it really cant be the deciding factor. The ability to challenge your bullshit, the stories you tell yourself that hold you back, that allow you stay small in the world and stop you from growing has to be one of the top factors.

    The ability to be present in your pain, in your awkwardness and fear, to step into the darkness with you and realise new possibilities for your life, someone who will believe in you while you cant believe in yourself. Someone to see your greatness and witness your change and be your biggest supporter.

    These are the most valuable things, The cost could range from 100s to 1000s with lots of variations of how coaches work, but really you have to consider what is most important, the outcome, or the cost.


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    • How to find a motivational life coach

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      Working with adolescents can be a daunting task for many coaches. They often believe that if they are not parents or have experience they are not qualified to work together. Having a good understanding of adolescence or experience of working with adolescents is a great advantage in this case but still a great coach can work well in this area. We work with adolescents who want coaching, not with adolescents who get sent to coaching (but we will work with the parents who think their children need coaching)

    • How to find a life coach therapist

      A Life coach therapist is someone who is qualified in both areas. This can be a great combination of skills and experience to work together, unpicking some of the past and pushing forward into a new future. Many life coaches talk about the difference between the 2 but don’t really understand it. Here at WWC we are qualified in both and can work in any area.

    If you want to start committing to yourself –
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