Wide World Life Coaching Manchester with Jason Shiers

Hello my name is

Jason Shiers

Certified Transformative Coach with 25 years of digital creation helping people free themselves from suffering.

My Experience

Addictions & Mental Health Specialist

Working with all different types of addictions and mental health in an evolving way including a personal journey.

Certified Advanced
Transformative Coach

20 + years of working with people through life issues and goals to entrepreneurial journeys and business decisions.

Informed by
different modalities

Including Somatic Experiencing, compassionate Inquiry, non-duality, 3 principles, Internal Family Systems and more

Certified Advanced

Helping people see their true nature, and live a life free from suffering, overcoming trauma and finding freedom within.

My Certifications & Skills

Advanced Certified Transformative Coach

Supercoach Academy
Issued Jun 2020

Certified Transformative Coach

Supercoach Academy
Issued Mar 2019

Certified NLP Practitioner

NLP for Life
Issued Nov 2017

Advanced Transactional Analysis – Dip.Psych

Issued Jun 2015

Person Centred Therapist

Issued Mar 2010

Hoffman Process Graduate

I can help you with...


Life coaching is a holistic partnership fostering personal growth, overcoming challenges, achieving goals, and enhancing overall life satisfaction through strategic guidance, accountability, and empowering techniques.

Business Coaching

Business coaching provides strategic guidance and accountability, fostering skill development, performance enhancement, and organisational growth for a for a more successful, sustainable business

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching supports individuals or couples in improving communication, resolving conflicts, enhancing emotional intimacy, and cultivating healthier, more harmonious relationships. Helps overcome trauma and find peace.

Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is a personalised process focused on enhancing strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and team building for effective, transformative leadership. This is beyond standard leadership ideas.

Transformative coaching

Transformative coaching facilitates profound change in individuals, reshaping perspectives, unearthing potential, and encouraging personal growth and self-discovery for an enriched life experience.

Recovery Coaching

Addiction recovery coaching provides guidance and support to individuals overcoming addiction, fostering resilience, lifestyle changes, and healthy coping strategies to aid in sustained recovery.

Anxiety Coaching

Life coaching is a holistic partnership fostering personal growth, overcoming challenges, achieving goals, and enhancing overall life satisfaction through strategic guidance, accountability.

Weight loss Coaching

Weight loss coaching provides personalized guidance on nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification, empowering individuals to achieve sustainable weight loss and healthier lifestyle habits.

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What my clients say...

Jason Shiers providing relationship coaching
Amy Macmillan
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Jason helped me in a time where I felt like I wasn’t ever going to feel myself again. He helped me see that I didn’t need to feel the way I felt forever and that there was a way out. I am so grateful for how selfless and caring he was at this time in my life and I will never ever forget that! His calming words and the peaceful space he creates on a call left me feeling that little bit better each time we spoke. I know he’s always a text away and he holds a special place in my heart for helping me through such a difficult time. Thanks Jason x
Ed Coss
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Working with Jason really helped me see how a simple change in thinking, mindset and outlook could really help improve my mental health, wellbeing with results that are reflected in improvements in relationship, business and general attitude to life. Would highly recommend.
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I contacted Jason as I’m looking to grow my business and improve my relationships with important clients He did much more than that. He worked closely with me to help me realize what some of my personal perceived limitations were, and how they can influence decision making in my business. Jason helped me to break them down and ensure that my emotions play a lesser role in business decisions. I will continue to work with Jason, he has massively helped me so far, I can’t eait to see how great I can become!
Tina Baker
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I worked with Jason on his business start up to success package (business coaching) when I was wanting to start my new venture but I was really stuck with branding, how to present myself in the world, did I need a website, where would my clients come from etc. I Think its a pretty standard set of worries but there was so much to work out. Not only did I get my branding down but I worked on my own personal fears, and got a clear vision and some realistic expectations to work towards. I was happy to give Jason a review because i have come so far in the 6 months we have been working together.

Wide World Life Coaching Manchester by Jason Shiers

Phone: 0161 408 2874
Address: 12 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AW

Office times:

Monday ➡ 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Tuesday ➡ 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Wednesday ➡ 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Thursday ➡ 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Friday ➡ 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Saturday ➡ 8:30 AM – 6 PM
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