Life Coaching

Transformative Life Coaching

Do you want:

  • To dream big without limitations?
  • A clear focus on your purpose and direction?
  • Be able to see clear direction with certainty!
  • To have outstanding personal relationships?
  • To be an amazing parent creating the best for your kids?
  • To spend more time with your family and work less?
  • To understand emotions and thinking?

The capability to actualise these is already inside of you, I help you see that. We are all born with the ability to live this way – we spend a lifetime getting away from that.

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    Life Coaching

    Life coaching is the process of two or more people participating in a relationship that promotes growth, seeing life differently, and having a better experience of life..

    I help you understand how to get a clear mind, to get the life you really want, to dream big and eliminate limitations. Usually people who come to coaching have suffered in some way with a lack of understanding of how the mind works, which creates limitations

    What Life coaching is designed to achieve?

    Life Coaching is designed to help you get a clear mind about how life works, to help you find peace and happiness You may need help with a relationship, you may need to make a million $£ business decision, you may want to start a new business or transform your body whatever your idea is let’s have a conversation.

    How life coaching can help you?

    Often people come to coaching with 1 idea but leave with another, so be prepared! you might change directions, people often realise they don’t actually want what it is they think they came for, sometimes we uncover a lot more than what was expected. I’d love to help you realise more than you came for.

    How does life coaching work?

    Life Coaching works by exploration of presenting challenges, having a conversation, listening & being present, and gaining insights. We are just having a conversation, no pressure coaching will help you connect to yourself and help you realise that you had the answers inside all along. Often the realisation is that you don’t actually need a coach and that is a great realisation.

    If you are the type of person who prefers to see clearly what happens, then I will outline it below:

    1. We clarify what you want – Through conversation, we get a clear pic of what you want to achieve and where you want to move towards. Having an honest look at where you think you are at currently.
    2. We assess where you are now – By this I mean we look at your reality and your factual circumstances. We see which ones of them are created by you and are real. We also see what is fixed, what is changeable we basically have an unbiased (as much as possible) view of where you are at.
    3. Is it true? – You may feel like you haven’t achieved anything but when you take an honest look at your successes, with a third eye on you, you have achieved a lot of things.
    4. We check out your resources – Often it is not a lack of resources that hold us up, but a misunderstanding of our own resourcefulness, we get clear on your infinite potential for this.
    5. We reflect on progress – Taking time between sessions to reflect, to allow things to come up, to notice new experiences, things you didn’t see before is important. Sometimes insights don’t happen in the moment, they happen after coaching.
    6. We celebrate your achievements – It is so easy to take criticism for many of us and so uncomfortable to accept praise and acknowledgement. We make a plan to celebrate change.

    If you want to start committing to yourself –
    Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

    What Life Coaching is not

    There are many types of coaches out there, motivational, NLP or college educated, there are lots of coaches who work from a book or specific model. Life coaching is not therapy, the difference is we focus on what is present rather than exploring the past. Sometimes clients come to coaching a bit stuck rather than in a crisis, or they have goals, dreams ambitions that they are not fulfilling.

    Life coaching sometimes doesn’t work for people who are stuck in their intellectual mind, rationalising and making sense of everything trying to understand. With transformative coaching, we bypass the intellectual rational mind, and get an understanding of the psychology of mind and how it works.

    What are Life Coaching Skills

    This is a great question and there are probably a million answers. Here are some skills that are important:

    • To see beyond words
    • To be insightful
    • To be relational – non-judgemental
    • To ask great questions
    • To be supportive and encouraging
    • To lead and not be afraid to ask hard questions
    • To be present and to listen like an empty vessel
    • To see the client as innately whole, & healthy

    Life Coaching FAQs

    Life Coaching often doesn’t work for a few reasons, mostly that you don’t have the right coach! Even if you’re not ready or at a place to get coached, the right coach will say this at the start. If you find yourself being unproductive or stagnant, it may be time to change your coach. It’s often worth considering the word “work” in the above question, your own perception and expectations can colour this so, if you feel this way, discuss with your coach.

    With the right coach (there it is again) I am not saying I am the right coach, I am saying you follow your gut instinct. Coaching can be so helpful, I have witnessed people’s lives change unrecognisably in short periods – that is the reward of doing this work.

    Confidence is often a result not a requirement, you may have a misconception of the need for confidence to take action in life. So, the bottom line is this, looking at what you think confidence is and its use, I can definitely help you make progress in moving forward.

    Health is a massive part of my coaching, mental health as much as physical health. There is clearly a connection between the 2 and its often impossible to be both unhealthy in body and healthy in mind. I have worked with 1000s of clients on both mental and physical health and transformed my own.

    As this is not an off the shelf product, I don’t work with just anyone. I am happy to give my time for free to speak to you if you are interested in coaching. So feel free to contact me, and book a conversation and we can see if any of what I offer is of use to you, if so and you are sure it makes sense, then we can discuss.

    This is a great question, my coaching is transformative. That means your life, health, mind-set, emotional state can transform if you show up fully to the coaching. I coach from the belief that all people have the ability to be happy, to make the decisions they need, to be successful they are born with it, and somehow got convinced by life that its no longer present within them. I see your greatness and help you see it.

    If you want to start committing to yourself –
    Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

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