What is a life coach

A life coach is someone who can help you move forward in life, if you’re stuck or if you’re successful facing the biggest decision of your life. We often work with high achievers but every coach is different and there are no limitations. If you are facing any form of challenge, hurdle, or decision then it could be beneficial to get some coaching to allow yourself a new perspective. life coaching provides the opportunity for change your personal life as much as your financial or business success.

At times there are no hurdles and a life coach can simply help you see new possibilities in life. We all have blind spots and a coach is just like a third eye on your life seeing things you maybe do not see.

What happens during a life coaching session?

During a life coaching session you would sit down together either face to face, via phone or video call and see where your life is at, maybe discuss situations such as health, wealth and relationships which are the three main areas of challenges.

The difference comes depending on what type of coach you work with and how they work through challenges. Many coaches believe they have to hold their clients accountable for decisions, teach them tips and tricks or ways to cope. Or teach them a way to motivate themselves in the morning.

In the inside out method, we absolutely believe that the client (you) have all the answers you need and our job as a coach is to shine a light in the direction of that, and help you find some clarity.

So whether you need careers advice, a sports coach to study abroad or to chase personal goals the answers are all within.

What Does a Life Coach Do?

A life coach helps you see your own power, often we get sidetracked in thought about life and get stuck in patterns, accept the unacceptable, get caught up in related jobs we don’t like, or relationships we are not happy in.

We all have the answers to these situations and a life coach will help you find your own answers. Even if your business is ticking along successfully – a life coach will help you see potential growth and ignite your passion so much that there is no need for accountability and motivational tricks.

  • So in short:
  • They Help You Identify Your Passion
  • They Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • They Guide You Through Hurdles and Challenges
  • They Give You Permission to Follow Your Dreams
  • They Help You Make the Right Decisions for Yourself
  • Solution Focused vs. Problem Focused

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    Are there different types of coaching?

    There are many types of coaches, and types of coaching skills. In an industry where you can get qualified in a weekend online with no prior experience it’s really worth considering. Some of the terms people use to describe their coaching:

    • Ontological
    • NLP
    • Motivational
    • Mentoring
    • Confidence
    • Personal Empowerment
    • Personal Development
    • Performance
    • + more

    What we always say is most important and it is no different for psychotherapy, counseling of any type is the relationship between yourself and the coach.

    Check out what feels right for you as the basis of your coaching, not what modality they come from. This is trying to be as objective as humanly possible, of course we are biased that the inside out nature of life requires no extra tips or tricks to learn but we understand that people come to coaching at different places.

    What’s the difference between a life coach and a business coach?

    There are often misconceptions that there are vast differences in types of coaching. Or that executive coaches require masses of business skills. Business coaching is not consulting which does require business skills.

    Here at Wide World Coaching there is no difference, and here’s why. Often the same inner beliefs, the same fears and insecurities play out in multiple areas of our lives without us even realising it.

    You see when working with a coach you may unpick a relationship or a desire for a relationship you have that you find is also affecting your business. Or you may well come up against a tough business leaders decision that you find is also affecting friendships.

    Through years of practice we see this has happen across all types of relationships. Business is just a concept, a construct of the mind that leans towards commerce, buying and selling things to create currency we use to live, it is still driven by emotion and relationships.

    How is life coaching different from counselling?

    Many coaches and therapists comment on the difference between coaching and therapy, but the reality is there are not many who are qualified in both. Often ego gets in the way and people start citing why one is better than the other, the most common ones are

    • Coaching is about the future therapy is about the past
    • Coaching is for high achievers therapy is for victims or people in crisis
    • A Life Coach isn’t able to deal with the past

    Everyone has their own experiences in life and bases their comments on that.

    When I was training in NLP Richard Bandler often commented on how psychotherapy was absolutely useless, and called them “psycho the rapist” and that is his experience.

    Many people who manage to find a good therapist have a good experience, many don’t, same with coaching. It is an unregulated industry where it’s way too easy to get qualified.

    The key to a quality relationship that gets results is in the grounding of the professional, this works across psychotherapy, counseling and coaching.


    If you want to start committing to yourself –
    Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

    What can a coach help me with?

    A life coach can help you to find the right answers for you, hopefully they won’t give you advise or tell you what you need to do. Some coaches niche down and only work in specific areas but here at wide world coaching while we have areas of coaching we love with a passion, we also don’t see any restrictions or need to niche specifically.

    How many life coaching sessions will I need?

    This is often something we get caught up in wondering at the start and there really is no right answer. As a coach its good to always be in coaching, if you don’t how can you understand what its like to be a client.

    As a client its suggested to initially have a few calls with your coach see how you get along and if you feel they can make a difference, and then give it a good chance, for example some coaches only sell packages of 6 months to allow change to happen. It took a lifetime to grow some of the habits we have, so they don’t get undone in a session. (not saying its impossible – but usually).

    Do life coaches need to have qualifications?

    Depends – many people are driven to be over qualified because of their beliefs about themselves yet this doesn’t make them any better able to be coaching clients. Some people don’t care so much about them. Qualifications do not make a great coach, some of the greatest coaches have none, and yet teach others.

    I can remember getting my first qualification years and ago and expecting to have this feeling of being ready, today I realise the feeling of being ready is just a concept also, we suggest not getting too caught up in qualifications.

    How can I train to become a coach or NLP practitioner?

    There are lots of different trainings from online courses to full on year long mentorships with some amazing coaches. Training is a life long process, learning about yourself to become the best coach. Coaching is transformative so it is important you transform, it is not a skill learned from an academic course, book or online, without human interaction you are not going to get far.

    You can get qualified in NLP in a week with NLP for Life and train with Richard Bandler if you are that way inclined. It may give you a few tips and party tricks that look good in the pub or even enable you to help a couple of people.

    We suggest long-term diverse training. Research yourself the best coaches and see what they offer, do some of the various trainings that are on offer and learn about yourself in the process, this is a life changing industry.

    What is NLP?

    NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Wikipedia lists it as a communication, personal development and psychotherapy invented in the 1970s. Although it has been discredited in the media some of the techniques definitely have a short-term effect.

    In recent trainings with Michael Neill he talks about why if NLP was the way forward, why were the people teaching it not that happy. We most definitely do not practice any NLP here even after doing the qualifications.

    Its worth asking yourself – as everyone has the answers to everything within, why would they need a tip or trick.

    Where can I find out more about the life coach industry?

    There are so many coaching bodies it would probably take a life time and some serious organisational skills to research them all, it is a journey to get on with and keep changing directions to whatever suits you. Some of the resources we look at:

    • Life Coach Directory
    • Jamie Smart Clarity Coaching
    • Michael Neill – Super Coach Academy
    • Rich Litvin – Deep Coaching

    If you want to look at professional bodies contact ICF – International Coach Federation

    Recommended Reading:
    The Prosperous Coach – Rich Litvin / Steve Chandler
    Inside Out Revolution – Michael Neill
    Seduced By Consciousness – Jack Pransky

    Can I have coaching online or by telephone?

    Coaching can take place via the phone or video call, as well as face to face. To get a good feeling we prefer at the minimum being able to see someone. So much is given away in the body language and reactions, facial expressions and look of a client while talking it really is like taking away too much information without it.

    While I am sure at times great questions can be asked by telephone, many things that are important can be missed, clients often love to hide behind the phone too so be mindful of people who really don’t want to talk face to face somehow.


    Anyone can hire a life coach, whether its help with parenting and children or shareholder decisions in a multi billion dollar global company there are no limitations in asking. Often though life coaches will have their ideal clients and many will no work with certain groups of people, often referring them onto other types of service that they may deem as more suited to help.

    Life coaching is certainly growing in popularity in recent years. People are starting to awaken to the potential that there just maybe something different on offer. For years we were conditioned to think we worked our whole lives to retire then pay for medical care till we died. Yet coaching has opened people up to the possibility there is much more on offer.

    Life coaching will not do anything for you, if you approach with that attitude you will always be disappointed. A life coach will help you do for yourself. Will help you see things differently and unblock yourself to see more clearly and gain motivation towards goals that inspire you. A life coach will ask you great questions to help you consider your place in life, what you want to achieve, what you are passionate about and how you want to move forward.

    Life coaching is a relationship between 2 willing people. Without the willingness the relationship is not present and not much will work. It is really important to build intimacy with a coach. Take risks, build trust and be willing to do deep inner work, as that is where most change happens. There are so many superficial guides to motivation or tips to change yourself blogs out there that they are really just clutter. Doing the deep inner work that leads to lasting change is where it is at. You can then expect miracles.

    Every life coach will be different, some will specify that they work in a certain area like health and weight loss, some business etc but then also many will work in any area. People often niche down out of the fear of only being able to work with people on specific things they have been through. The client is always the expert on them, therefore nothing is any different, any areas of life can be worked with, however there are often times when a referral onto mental health or other relative services are a better option for the client. Always higher wisdom is going to be right.

    There is a huge spiritual aspect to coaching. Being present while someone opens up their life to inspection, to reflect on themselves and get in touch with emotions is a truly spiritual experience.

    Coaches are often passionate about helping people because they have had a life changing experience through coaching or some other type of vital spiritual experience in life. Either way when you are passionate about getting yourself out of the way in order to help someone else, there is an awakening of the spirit.

    Only you can really answer that, when reading the above guide do you feel compelled to get help. Step out of your head for a moment and listen to your heart, no good decisions are made in thinking, they are all made with our inner wisdom, a connection to the universe about what is the next right move.

    Good coaches often spend a lot of time with the client in advance of asking them if they want to work together. It is not a heavy salesy environment just the relationship has to feel right for both people so take up these offers and see what works for you both, and if it feels right.

    It would really depend on what type of person you are and how you work with others. Although at Wide World Coaching we are biased, everyone will have their own choice what is best for them and no one can decide that, as much as we would like to say what is best for everyone, you must decide.

    Life coaching can cost anything from as low as £40/hr to £1000s. Most great coaches do not charge by the hour, because it is not time you are really interested in paying for, its impact. I heard it said on a website recently a coach for cheap, is a cheap coach. Someone who doesn’t believe in themselves and values themselves low. What you are really wondering is what the value of the coaching is to you, how much is a life changing decision worth?

    Google is the obvious answer people come up with, but it may not be your best bet for finding a great coach. Its always worth a look on the following websites, don’t get drawn in by long lists of credentials and letters after names though, get out of your comfort zone and have a chat with a few people.

    Searching for a life coach vs finding a life coach! We suggest you have conversations with any potential coaches and see how they go. You will know if you are impacted by someone’s presence. You will know what feels right and when someone is a good fit to work together. Searching is looking, finding is what you get at the end of your search and when you just know someone is right for you.

    Yes absolutely some of the best coaching relationships are across the world and done via video, zoom and skype. Video calls give you the ability to almost appear in the same room with a great clear connection you can pick up on the smallest of change. As a coach it gives you the freedom to be located anywhere and it also opens up your potential audience.

    Life coaching works for many reasons, but most importantly you have to be ready for it. There is no forcing change, you cant come for someone else, or make changes to please others, it has to be driven by your desire. Often people are motivated by pain but there are many occasions when things have just not been considered and a powerful conversation with a great coach can offer new perspective to life and can result in drastic changes.

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