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Do you ever wake up with no sense of direction of what you want to do? Or do you feel dissatisfied when getting ready for work? Maybe you don’t want to see a therapist because, in the end, there’s nothing wrong with you. That’s where you could use the services of a life coach or NLP practitioner to learn how you can lead a more fulfilled life. Of course, it’s a big decision to confide in a professional about your problems and personal weaknesses, so let’s talk about what life coaching is. In this post, we’ll discuss what life coaching helps you achieve, the problems it can help with, different types of coaching, and much more.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching involves encouraging you to overcome challenges that you’re facing in domains like your career or personal life. It’s all about helping you achieve your ultimate goals. These can pertain to career or personal development, nutrition and fitness, or even relationships.

Highly Qualified and Credentialed

When approaching a life coach to help improve your lifestyle, it’s important that they have relevant qualifications and credentials. While there are no specific educational criteria that life coaches have to meet, it’s important that they have a coaching certification from an authentic training program. Additionally, an educational background in fields like wellness, education, psychology, or nutrition can increase credibility.
Aside from being a certified transformative coach, I’m a certified NLP practitioner and have a certification in Advanced Transactional Analysis.

Powerful Outcomes

When you hire a personal coach, you can see great outcomes in the form of positive change. According to numerous clients, coaching had a positive impact on their careers and lives, as it helped them in the following ways:

  • Encouraged them to take action for achieving their goals
  • Feel more satisfied about their current life and job conditions
  • Be accountable for their actions
  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Communicate effectively with others

All of these can significantly improve your quality of life and confidence. According to the International Coaching Federation, about 80% of the people who get coaching services report that they experienced higher self-confidence. Meanwhile, over 70% explained that they experienced improved work performance, communication skills, and satisfactory relationships.

Life Coaching vs Counselling

A common misconception among people is that life coaching is the same thing as counselling. Although there are some similarities, there are major differences as well. Life coaching encourages you to take action, while counselling suggests techniques to help you cope with difficult situations. The purpose of coaching is to set goals and achieve them, while counselling is focused on identifying problems and solving them.

Coaches will frequently give challenges to test your limits, as they want to unlock your potential. Meanwhile, a counsellor will be empathetic since they want to help you be at peace with your life and yourself.

Are there reviews? podcasts? articles?

Before you approach a life coach to help you in the process of meeting your goals, make sure to do your research. This involves looking up reviews and testimonials to see how they have helped clients achieve their goals.

Similarly, you can listen to their podcasts or read their articles to see what kind of approach they take when helping clients. It’s an effective way to understand where they specialise, and as you familiarise yourself with how they frame situations, you begin to feel inspired.

My name is Jason Shiers.

I will help you understand what is behind your greatness and your inability to make clear decisions, why your relationships are the best, and also struggling and what is 1 simple misunderstanding behind ALL problems.

Coaching helps you to see the unconscious, the find the places you are stuck that you cannot even see yourself.

This way of looking at a life truly uncovers a gift that is within you, so you can go on to create, achieve whatever you want, your relationships will naturally improve, your decision making will be clear and simple, life will change unrecognisably.

Are you willing to go on this journey? To truly know yourself?

Your Best Investment in Yourself

Life coaching is more than self-improvement – it’s an investment in yourself. Whether you’re getting professional coaching to meet career goals, or nutritional coaching to meet fitness goals, you’ll start to see the difference it makes.

Overcoming Roadblocks

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck at one point and can’t get any further? There’s an imaginary roadblock that’s keeping you from getting to your destination, and you’re not sure how to move it. Let’s say you want to ask your boss for a higher raise because of how hard you worked last quarter. Can you do it with confidence? Or will you back down? Confidence coaching sessions with a professional can help build your communication skills. As you implement on their-suggested techniques, you’ll see a positive change, like how your interactions start making things happen.

What can Life Coaching help with?

While some professionals, like a dentist or plumbers, fix more objective problems, the problems you address with help from a life coach aren’t always obvious. You can usually notice these problems as a pattern that develops over time. For example:

  • You frequently feel like you haven’t achieved anything in your career
  • You don’t feel confident in expressing your feelings
  • You keep getting annoyed at your partner’s habits but don’t say anything
  • You feel frustrated and panic when things don’t go as planned

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What my clients say

With dedication and consistent communication, I was able to help my clients address issues in various different domains. Clients who sought my business coaching services found that my services were helpful in coming up with effective branding strategies and inspired them to present themselves as confident leaders.

Clients who required my life coaching services say that I was able to help them see things from a different perspective. This encouraged them to adopt a different mindset and think about situations in a way that inspires action rather than feelings of despair.

I have also helped clients achieve their fitness goals through the weight loss coaching program. They felt that it encouraged greater accountability for what they ate and if they took care of their body through exercise. Some clients also approached me with feelings of helplessness whenever they ate something they perceived as bad. I helped them in overcoming the guilt and negativity associated with foods to re-establish a healthier relationship with nutrition and exercise.

Couples that sought my relationship coaching services say that I helped them in building honest yet effective communication. This way, they learned to resolve conflict instead of exacerbating it, without walking on eggshells around each other.

Satisfied Clients

What do I offer?

As mentioned above, life coaching comes in different forms to help achieve your specific goals. Here are the types of coaching I offer

Life Coaching London

This involves personal development and building skills like public speaking, to improve your confidence. Through life coaching, I can help you bring a meaningful change in your everyday interactions and routine behaviours.

Business Coaching London

As a business owner, you may have a long way to go before you embody the qualities that can build a great business. With a certified business coach, you can come up with effective business strategies and build leadership skills. Similarly, you may face issues with regard to productivity or poor work culture. Business coaching will guide you on how to address these problems by inspiring employees to perform better and developing a better work culture through positive interactions.

Weight Loss Coaching London

Reaching a healthy weight is a New Year’s resolution for a lot of people, but few people actually get around to achieving it. By teaming up with a certified weight loss coach, you can change your mindset about exercise and eating a healthy diet. And with someone to motivate you through each workout, you’re bound to see fantastic results.

Relationship Coaching London

Relationship coaching is often an effective way to help you build important skills when communicating with your partner. A certified coach will guide you on conflict resolution strategies, as well as give suggestions on how to deepen your bond with a romantic partner.

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How Can Life Coaching Help You?

It’s natural to have questions before adopting a major change in your life, and this is particularly common in life coaching. Here’s how hiring a life coach can help you:

Overnight breakthroughs

The first step of coaching is to assess where you are now. Once you speak to a third person looking at you from the outside, I can immediately spot problems in how you’re currently functioning. When you get suggestions on how you can do things better, you’ll start to see things much differently. While you won’t see results after a single session, you may have overnight breakthroughs. These are Eureka moments when you come up with a solution to an obstacle and realise where you went wrong with your previous approach.

Powerful Results

Good habits can make a big difference, but it takes time and consistency to build them. By working with a life coach, you’ll be motivated to keep practising positive habits and behaviours until they become a part of your personality.

You’ll see changes in the way you speak, think, and act and these changes become even more prominent by how your actions start affecting the world around you. The way you’re more productive at work will help you get a raise, your improved communication skills will help you land an investment deal, newly-found conflict resolution techniques will help you de-escalate arguments with a partner, and so on.

Clarifying Goals

While some people have their goals carefully outlined and planned, many live without considering what they want to achieve. It can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment. With a life coach, you can start assessing your strengths, skills, and areas of improvement to determine your goals. You’ll start to get helpful guidance on what changes you should adopt to achieve your ultimate objectives.

Taking Future Steps

With life coaching, there’s never a phase when you ask, ‘well, what now?’ That’s because I help clients in achieving a goal and sustaining that progress. So, if your goal is to get to a healthy weight, it will only be a part of your weight loss coaching journey – the rest of it involves maintaining the results you worked so hard to achieve. Similarly, regardless of the goals we set together, life coaching focuses on making you a self-sufficient and holistic problem solver, so you can effectively set and actualise goals in the future.

Life Coaching London FAQs

Before you take the first step, you may have a couple of questions about life coaching. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

To choose a life coach, you need to start by identifying your main goals. This means asking yourself what you intend to achieve by working with a life coach. Next, you should find a professional who specialises in the areas you want to improve. This means looking for accredited and qualified coaches with appropriate training. Lastly, it should be someone you feel comfortable talking to. You’ll never be able to get past square one if you don’t feel comfortable discussing your problem with them.

To find the right life coach for your needs, you’ll need to shortlist candidates by interviewing them. Here are some of the questions you can ask.

  • What kind of goals have you helped some of your clients achieve?
  • Mention a time you helped a client realise hidden objectives that were crucial to achieving their ultimate goal?
  • How do you prevent clients from setting counterproductive goals?
  • Do you think there are objectives that life coaching can’t help achieve?
  • Are there any services that you recommend in addition to coaching?

This is a common question, but it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor in whether you work with a life coach or not. Otherwise, you would simply decide whether or not it’s worth the cost based on your own perceptions. That’s why I invite clients to take an initial session so they can see what they have to gain and if they feel comfortable working together. After that, we can discuss costs.

Although you can try achieving your goals on your own, hiring a coach is still worth the money. With guidance from a life coach, you can stay on track toward achieving your goals and reduce self-sabotaging behaviours. With their support, you’ll be able to regulate the emotions (panic, resistance, fear) that typically arise when taking your life in a new direction.

If you want to start committing to yourself –
Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

Amy Macmillan
Amy Macmillan
Jason helped me in a time where I felt like I wasn’t ever going to feel myself again. He helped me see that I didn’t need to feel the way I felt forever and that there was a way out. I am so grateful for how selfless and caring he was at this time in my life and I will never ever forget that! His calming words and the peaceful space he creates on a call left me feeling that little bit better each time we spoke. I know he’s always a text away and he holds a special place in my heart for helping me through such a difficult time. Thanks Jason x
Lois Wilson
Lois Wilson
I stumbled across Jason on a podcast group recommended by a friend. As soon as I listened I knew that I had to contact and work with Jason. I came looking for help, guidance with a situation that was causing me physical stress related symptoms. Covid had just started and everything around me was uncertain, confusing and painful at times. Jason gave me a grounding to work from and shared his understanding of the 3 principles and life experience and knowledge. It was a gradual process but I did start to feel that everything was and would be Ok. I became more comfortable in my circumstances and very unexpectedly, that resulted in many of my stress illnesses disappearing! I came away learning more about how I viewed the world or myself which was the growth I truly needed. Jason also supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life when I lost my husband to alcohol related illness. I came through that experience with beautiful memories and a deep gratitude and the ability to support my two children. I have since gone on to achieve 2 promotions and now working full time in a role that I didn’t see within my reach, I’m now carving out a job role that’s building me skill set and confidence. I have found connections with my colleagues, patients and family. As many have said .. A life changing experience! I have recommended his articles podcast and website to colleges patients and friends. Jason has a professional and natural gentle nature, but also feels like a friend for life.
Ed Coss
Ed Coss
Working with Jason really helped me see how a simple change in thinking, mindset and outlook could really help improve my mental health, wellbeing with results that are reflected in improvements in relationship, business and general attitude to life. Would highly recommend.
Francesa Addabbo
Francesa Addabbo
I am a coach and as a coach I act on what I preach. I chose Jason as my coach as I had been given some great feedback by other people we both knew. He was described to me as a non conventional ground breaking coach. I liked the sound of this. I did not have a particular issue to work on but I was confortable in the knowledge that our sessions would develope as they were meant to. After all I knew how to guide a session. What happened after my first session is quite extraordinary. I completely reviewed my coaching skills and decided to let Jason mentor me. His coaching techniques are truly ground breaking. he is able to go so deeply into a conversation that he allows his clients to feel confortable in shearing dreams and ideas that they didn't even know they had. Deep coaching is invaluable for me now. I could not go back to my old ways to look at coaching. Jason allowed change in me that I didn't believe I needed and yet it transformed my life in ways I will be grateful to him forever. He is so skilled that you don't realise how deeply into your mind he is looking until you see the change in you already unfolding. I recommend Jason as one of, if not the best coach I have ever worked with. I truly believe in the benefits of coaching but Jason's coaching is a good few notches above average.
Timothy Russel
Timothy Russel
I came to Jason to get help with my wife!! yes i know crazy as it sounds, we ended up having relationship coaching and all i can say is WOW! both of us in such a short time got back on track, we started communicating more clearly and saw things from each others perspective much easier. I realised that it was human to get caught up in thoughts, in life from time to time, but also that it was ok and that if i didn’t judge that, things were not so bad. I am so happy I made this decision as this has now saved my marriage.
Dominic Taylor
Dominic Taylor
Deep Life Coaching indeed! as Jason says I came with 1 thing but ended up with so much more. It is really strange what happens when someone knows what questions to ask!! Often during coaching I was stumped, I just really had never seen things the way they were presented to me. What I found was that just a simple change in perspective made such a huge difference to my life. I never realised that it was just my thinking that was causing me to see the world in the way I did - I Realised what I had been chasing through things for so long was happiness and that happiness was available right now, so no need to look for it anymore!
Nigel Chivers
Nigel Chivers
Jasons weight loss mindset transformational package has really helped me see where I was held back with my weight. I only thought I wanted to make a few small changes with some health coaching but the clear vision I got about my relationship with food has opened my mind to a new way of life. I will continue to work with Jason as this stuff runs deep and could last a lifetime!
Tina Baker
Tina Baker
I worked with Jason on his business start up to success package (business coaching) when I was wanting to start my new venture but I was really stuck with branding, how to present myself in the world, did I need a website, where would my clients come from etc. I Think its a pretty standard set of worries but there was so much to work out. Not only did I get my branding down but I worked on my own personal fears, and got a clear vision and some realistic expectations to work towards. I was happy to give Jason a review because i have come so far in the 6 months we have been working together.
Andy Gillott
Andy Gillott
As a life coach myself it can be really hard to find a coach to work with, and when I read Jasons website I just knew there was something more for me in that. I am always looking to better myself but I find that all the work I have done leaves me a little picky and critical. Jason was able to see past the BS and help me move forward on the journey I am on. I continue to work with Jason and when I get stuck with a client he is the first port of call for me.
Melvyn Rattenbury
Melvyn Rattenbury
Jason has been outstanding in helping me change my life - relationships, work and personal life have become so much more natural to me now.
Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure
– Tony Robbins
Those who are unaware they walking in darkness – will never seek the light
– Bruce Lee
Who looks outside dreams – Who looks insides awakens
– Carl Jung
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