What clients say About me


Thanks to Jason’s commitment to help, through his unscathed patience when I just did not get it, his presence and his empathy I found the keys to myself. I feel like a different man and my life is a different life. This is also my own reality but I like this one. I will stick around for a bit until new paths open up for me, Jason is a blessing to work with. I can safely say that most likely he saved myself from misery

I could not imagine that my first contact with Jason in March of 2012 would be the start of a brand-new life for me that evolved exponentially.

In one year’s time, I hardly recognised myself! I had evolved spiritually, emotionally, and physically. And today, five years later, I have maintained those positive changes in my life

The feedbacks on the one on one sessions were of deep change which helped each individual to create a better life and deeper connection both at work and in their private life. Jason’s support has been so valuable that not only I would have no problem in recommending him to other businesses but I have already scheduled a yearly programme to give the management continuous support.

The journey I started with Jason has taken me to places within myself that I never knew were there. I realised that all I needed was already there … I just had forgotten. I will never be able to thank Jason enough for how he guided me from where I was in a state of despair to a new home within my soul that all of a sudden has opened up incredible possibilities. I feel guided, that I no longer need to push. I left my highly paid job to start a new venture where all I have to do is be present and grow with it, I am living everyday as if it is the most important moment of my life. I know now that I will be just fine as life unfolds in front of my eyes.

Working with Jason literally changed my life in amazing ways. He has the unique ability to listen between the words to uncover areas of who I am that I had never considered before

Jason continued to direct me in concrete ways that allowed me to build upon my initial successes, all the while being patient and encouraging through my times of doubt

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