Recovery Coaching

Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

If you’ve recently completed an addiction treatment programme, or addiction continues to play a role in your life, a recovery coach offers something different to traditional therapy.

My name is Jason Shiers, I myself have been in recovery for over 27 years.

As a trained therapist, life coach and author, my recovery journey has been transformational in ways that I never could have imagined. Seeing beyond addiction can be tough when it’s so prominent in your day to day thinking, even for those who have successfully completed an addiction treatment programme, the next steps in your personal recovery journey can sometimes feel overwhelming.

The truth is, seeing beyond your current level of thinking and realising your true, innate intelligence requires little more than a nudge in the right direction. There’s no magic formula, just an understanding that addiction is, or has been dominating your mind and clouding your judgement, but fundamentally, you already hold the keys to your own infinite potential.


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Is recovery coaching a form of therapy?

The role of a therapist is to help you make sense of your past to help you have a better present. Therapy doesn’t point you to your own innate intelligence or mental health. It innocently confirms the idea that you do not know how to make the best decisions for your life and that you need to change or modify your behaviour to be ok, when you already are ok.

A recovery coach takes a different approach. We point to the fact that we have innate knowledge, or intelligence built into the system. When I look back to my early years in recovery, I was always searching for something to ‘fix’ me. The 12-step programme was built on the premise that I was powerless over my addiction and without the help of an external force, that addiction would always be a part of who I was.

That was simply not true, and what I came to learn over the years changed me for the better. I knew all along what was right for me, all I needed was to feel confident in my own decision making, and that is what we do here, we help you “see” or “uncover” the innate intelligence that is within, so you know to trust your own guidance.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is about Empowerment

Addiction and low self esteem go hand in hand, but what if you could always feel confident to make the right decisions? Better still what if we knew we couldn’t get it wrong? What if you didn’t have to worry about the past and could trust yourself and your own guidance? How different would recovery look?

What if you could just see addiction as a bump in the road? What if you could separate addiction from yourself entirely? It becoming something that happened, that served a purpose at the time but is no longer who you are?

A recovery coach helps you find clarity to your decision making, you’ve never had before. Through the process of self reflection and exploration of what is true, and not true, you will feel certainty and be empowered to make the best decisions for your life.

Recovery Coaching

Personal Development with a Recovery Coach

No two people are the same, and what we want now can soon change tomorrow.

Right now you may be finding it hard to see beyond addiction, or you may have recently completed treatment but feel vulnerable to what the world might throw at you?

Perhaps you dread the idea of returning to work?

Lonely perhaps?

When we feel lonely, vulnerable or lacking in some way, we often give in to decisions that fill us with short term satisfaction, we seek ways to mask those feelings and fears. In the case of addiction, a perpetual state of relapse.

But what if, through self-exploration and mentoring, you were able to find solutions to these problems that ultimately benefited you? What if we got to see them differently as indicators of your current level of awareness.

Sometimes it only takes a conversation to really make sense of what it is you want from life, and having the clarity and confidence to do it is all that is needed. Our goal as a recovery coach is to help you explore the endless possibilities available to you and encourage you to achieve goals that are beneficial to you.

We are not here to tell you what is right or wrong for you, that will become clear as we explore the inner works of your own mind together. We are simply here to guide you through the process of finding that inner clarity. Over time, as you begin to trust your own decision making, you will have the confidence to set clear and consistent desires without the noise and doubt clouding your mind.

Seeing Beyond your Addiction with the Help of a Recovery Coach

Are you ready to see yourself beyond addiction and do you want to make the best decisions for your life without fear of relapse?

Do you want to feel confident in your own decision making while you transition through recovery?

All it takes is a conversation. Call me today on 0161 408 2874 and let’s work together to find that inner clarity.