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Hi I'm Elene,

Mental health counsellor & teacher, a self-made creative counsellor, I create space for emotional healing.
Relationships are meant to be enjoyed, loved, seen, appreciated, growing deeper, uplifted, and connected.

  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Creative Teacher
  • Iheart Practitioner
  • Multi Cultural Background
  • Spiritual Guide

Elene’s Relationship Journey: From Turmoil to Triumph

Like many, my journey in love was far from a fairytale. I spent years entangled in relationships that drained me—relationships that felt more like traps than partnerships. But, as the saying goes, “after the darkest hour comes the dawn.” And my dawn was a profound realisation.

I came to see that these toxic relationships, as painful as they were, held mirrors up to my deepest vulnerabilities and insecurities. It was difficult, but I began to look closely at my reflections in these mirrors, diving into the raw truths about myself. What was it in me that kept drawing these experiences? Why did I accept less than I deserved?

The most liberating epiphany was understanding that everything I yearned for in others—validation, love, understanding—was something I needed to first find within myself. It’s as if the universe was trying to teach me that true love wasn’t about seeking, but about becoming. By diving deep into my own psyche and healing my wounds, I began to cultivate a love within that no external force could shake.

Today, I stand before you not as a victim of my past, but as a testament to the power of self-awareness and healing. Through my journey, I’ve learned that when we heal ourselves, we open doors to genuine connections. We stop seeking what we lack in others and start drawing people who reflect our healed, whole selves.

Now, my mission is to share this wisdom—to help others recognise the treasures within them, to navigate the complex lessons of love, and to find that by healing themselves, they can discover the deep, authentic connections they’ve always sought in the wrong places.

Working Together

Weekly Sessions

Reflections & Practices

Extra Support

Permanent Change

Master the Art of Effective Communication

Transform your relationship with effective communication. Overcome challenges in expressing needs, desires, and emotions. I provide personalised guidance and proven techniques to enhance your skills. Unlock the power of communication for stronger, healthier connections.

Find Harmony, Solve Relationship Conflicts

Expert guidance for resolving conflicts, misunderstandings, and unresolved issues with your partner. When faced with persistent challenges, many individuals seek our help to navigate these hurdles and discover healthier ways to resolve conflicts. – let me guide you towards resolution and a happier partnership.

Rediscover Relationship Fulfillment

If you’re feeling unsatisfied or unhappy in your relationship, relationship coaching can help. Explore your feelings, evaluate your needs and values, and work towards creating more fulfilling connections. I am here to support you on your journey to rediscover happiness and build rewarding relationships.

Transition Relationships with Confidence

Get guidance and support during major life changes like starting new relationships, getting married, becoming parents, or going through divorce/separation. Navigate these transitions with confidence and adapt to the changes they bring. This will help you navigate new beginnings and healthy relationships during times of change.

Discover Self-Awareness and Well-being

Experience personal growth, develop self-awareness, and improve overall well-being. Transform your relationships by investing in your own growth and happiness today.

Elevate Your Relationship Skills

Develop empathy, active listening, conflict resolution, and boundary setting abilities. Acquire valuable tools and strategies for healthier, more successful relationships. 

How it works

Contact us now

Simply click the book now button and sign up for a session. Once I receive your request will be in touch to agree a mutually available time to connect and help you back on the road to finding happiness and connection.

Discovery call

During this initial call, I will assist you in getting clear your objectives, assessing your current situation, and determining if we can work together longer term to find the happiness and connection you want.

Start the Process

We start the process, calls, homework, processing, and reflection. This is a beautiful journey where you learn more about yourself and your partner, how you relate and how to make it more healthy, this is an in depth journey.

Advantages of Online Relationship Coaching

Embrace Your Journey to an Exceptional Love Life. I offer you the tools and techniques to unlock your complete relationship potential.

  • Conveniently provided through secure video chat.
  • Fit sessions into your workday without the stress of commuting.
  • Overcome struggles with finding childcare by conducting coaching sessions from the comfort of your home
  • Ideal for partners with conflicting schedules or frequent work travel who still want to benefit from coaching together.
  • Access coaching support even in remote areas with limited therapist availability.
  • Maintain anonymity, ensuring increased confidentiality.
  • Available for online relationship coaching in London and all parts of UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every individual’s journey is unique, so the time it takes to feel “normal” again can vary. However, with the right guidance and commitment to the process, many clients start noticing positive shifts after just one session. Remember, real and lasting change often takes time, but the investment you make in yourself today can accelerate your path to healing and a harmonious life. Let’s work together to create your new “normal” – one that’s even better than before!

We learn about each other in a safe environment, there maybe tears, sadness, disconnection but we get to see it from a safe space, and be with what us, the present moment teaches us everything. When we get seen, relationship struggles can heal and we can find a new way to connect.

While it’s beneficial for both partners to be engaged in the coaching process to foster mutual understanding and growth, it’s not a strict requirement. Many individuals find that by working on their own personal growth and understanding, they can make positive changes that influence the dynamics of the relationship. However, if both partners are willing to participate, it often leads to faster, more harmonious results. The key is to start somewhere, and sometimes one partner taking the initiative is the first step towards transformative change for both.

Relationship coaching offers a wide range of benefits tailored to both individual and couple needs. Through our sessions, you can expect to improve communication with your partner, gaining tools and techniques to express yourselves more openly, effectively, and compassionately. You’ll also acquire skills for healthier conflict resolution, turning disagreements into opportunities for mutual growth. This coaching process often leads to a deeper connection, rekindling trust and intimacy and ensuring both partners feel genuinely heard and valued. On a personal level, the journey fosters self-awareness, helping you identify and address any barriers or patterns that might be hindering your relationship’s potential. With this newfound clarity, you’ll be empowered to make decisions that align with your values and the relationship outcomes you desire. Additionally, as you progress, we’ll focus on future planning, setting mutual goals and visions to ensure you and your partner are both excited and aligned about the journey ahead. In essence, whether you’re working through challenges or simply aiming to enhance an already strong bond, relationship coaching provides the guidance and actionable steps to enrich your love life.

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