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How a weight loss coach can help

Do you want:

  • To be free of dieting forever – no more thinking this is the next best thing
  • To be free of thinking about food – not worry about what to eat all the time
  • To be free of getting on the scales – mood dependant on a number
  • To find your ideal weight without trying so hard
  • To be content and have happy relationships

I am presuming you got here because you are looking for some life coaching help with your health and weight loss journey, Well that is why most people look for weight loss coaches :). To start with, the last thing you need is another diet, there are no shortcuts here, no ‘how to lose extra weight fast’ or ‘instant weight loss tips’ What we do is rip the plaster off, and see the real root cause of the inability to do what you want to do, and help you achieve all your goals.

I know you are busy, men and women, so let’s get straight down to it. Usually, clients come to me pretty twisted with strict diets and trying to lose weight, often a lifetime of attempting to change and rebounding back and forth to lead a healthy life, which is often called yoyo dieting. They are often critical weight watchers living a sedentary lifestyle.

The whole fitness industry is built around dealing with the symptom of a problem: weight gain, let me clarify something. Being overweight is not a physical issue, the physical part of it is the symptom of a problem. This is totally changeable with the right work and weight loss programs, deep inner change creates lasting outer change. You lose unwanted weight (fat) and gain healthy weight(muscle) as a result of going on an inner journey because any change you make at the symptom level will be only temporary. The deep inner work here leads to your ability to make the choices you want forever.

Jason Shiers
Jason Shiers

My name is Jason Shiers.

I will help you see that food is not the enemy, nor the issue to be fixed. We start to look at your relationship with food and diets and see what is in the way of you making the progress you want.

Coaching helps you see the things you cannot see yourself and find a simple, effortless way to change.

This way of looking at weight loss coaching uncovers things that have been blocking and controlling our whole lives, it is not a quick fix or a plaster on a bullet hole, it is a lifetime of change that comes simply when understood.

Are you willing to give yourself this gift?

Before and After

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Satisfied Clients

“I worked with Jason over a period of 6 months on his weight loss coaching program, I had done many years of different types of weight loss but nothing had worked for me, I did not realize that my life was being driven by unconscious beliefs about myself things that had been driving the show my whole life. I started to realize why I couldn’t make decisions and stick them, the best decision I had ever made. ”
Cole F.

“Jason helped me overcome my diet frustration, diets had always frustrated me, and every attempt at weight loss had brought me to the same place, struggling that’s why I hated them. I Realised my mindset was the key to physical change working with Jason really cleared this up and gave me a new perspective. ”
Connie J.

“I had previously struggled with being consistent in my attempts to change my body, and as a result I always hated looking in the mirror. Working with Jason I realised my relationship with my mind and body was distorted and as this started to unfold, I got much clearer on my image of myself what I wanted, as a result I was able to stick to a plan and lose the weight I wanted to lose and get a new image of myself. ”
Angel F.

“I came to Jason because I hated my body image, I used to walk past shops checking myself out and feeling ugly and uncomfortable, it was painful at times. I realised how everything in my life that was not working out, money, relationships, family were all interconnected and this coaching changed everything. I wouldn’t say I am in love with myself but I like myself. ”
Bradley E.

Usually after you try to resolve things at the physical level, you fall off, then you do the following:

  1. Exercise more – wake up with a resolve to do an extra hour in the gym to resolve the action you took.
  2. Feel guilty – beat yourself up with a stick sometimes, saying how useless you are why can you never stick to things and reach your target weight.
  3. Diet harder – restrict yourself on your food intake follow a strict nutrition plan for a set period thinking it will offset the amount of crap you ate the day before
  4. Look for a different diet – Think somehow you got the physical aspect wrong and search frantically on google for a new weight loss solution that won’t make you fail.
  5. Binge further – you may get up next day and say ‘fuck it’ I’ve had a day off now may as well eat what I want, resulting in emotional eating and weight gain.

Or some combination of the above, you may do them all and I want to tell you there is another way. There is freedom from diets, freedom from guilt, you have no need to diet harder for fat loss and achieve your weight goals, you’re perfectly normal.

You’ve simply been way too exposed to society, peer pressure and installed faulty beliefs of others in your subconscious mind. All this can change there is a solution to achieving your fitness goals.

The Practical and the Physical Part of the Process

We work with you, you will always know your body better than anyone else and you will also know your medical and weight history things that have affected your weight in the past or in the present. The more information you can give us the better your outcome will be. We are not medical experts but we have people to recommend you to should you need further help. We want to make sure this will work for you, so we don’t use a blanket approach, or one size fits all.

Medical and Hormones

It is important if you have some medical history that has affected your weight, whether you have been put on medication, ladies for the menopause maybe or HRT and men on TRT or thyroid hormone for example these can all affect your body and hormone dysregulation will play a big part in your bodies ability to shed excess weight, and to build muscle. It will also affect your overall mood and attitude towards your goals. If you require help with your hormones or just to get a check and see if they are intact we can refer you to our preferred partner The Mojo Clinic, please ask when you reach out. The mental support for the hormone journey is also part of our programme.

Food and Nutrition

Your diet is your choice, we will not force you in a certain direction of what to eat. What we will help you with is to work out your BMR basal metabolic rate and your TDEE total daily energy expenditure and then we have a starting point for your calorie intake and goal, as well as a macro breakdown based on your diet of choice, whether it is paleo, Keto, Carnivore or vegan we really don’t want to force you in any particular direction. We can work with you on any of these to reach your goals.

We understand that everyone’s body works uniquely based on their past experiences. You may also find that once you work through the mental programme, you will be less stressed and more able to try new things with fewer reactions from the body. This has been a common theme with past clients. You would be surprised at the connection. For example, many clients have cleared up IBS and food intolerances based on their new understanding of the mind.

Do you really want to lose weight?

Often when we drill down, clients don’t want to lose weight, I know I didn’t I wanted what I thought weight loss would give me. Let me ask a couple of questions:

  • Why do you want to lose weight?
  • What do you think it will give you?

Now let’s have a look at that, I’ll put in some made up common answers

  • I want to be happy < the belief that a certain weight or shape will make you happy
  • I want a relationship < the belief that a certain weight or shape will get you a relationship
  • I want to be healthy for my kids > Why? > I want to spend more time playing with them > why? > that will make me happy

You see, what you really want is to be happy and to break free from the thoughts in your mind, what weight gain/loss means about you, but the faulty belief that losing weight will make you happy is what stops you from being happy! And stops you from losing weight! It gives you more stress and results in self-sabotage.

What is weight loss coaching designed to achieve

What if happiness is something that can be found within ourselves, here and now, without relying on external factors? As an accountability coach, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients who have successfully achieved this state of being. It fills me with joy when they excitedly call me to share their success and tell me that they have finally found true happiness. It is not dependent on food or dieting.

You too can experience this sense of freedom by breaking free from the obsession with food and weight loss, and by making positive changes to your overall health and nutrition habits. This is precisely what my weight loss coaching program aims to achieve. As a matter of fact, many of my clients come to me seeking weight loss but end up discovering something much more profound.

Does hiring an online weight loss Coach Work?

It really depends what you want from it. I am going to presume that you want to stop being obsessed with diets, lose weight, and change your mindset and emotions forever? Lead a happy life. Then in that case, yes it works, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

It is my expectation that you get a lot more than what you wanted in the first place. This isn’t the easiest route to take as it takes a commitment from you and some deep inner work, but I can assure you it’s the most rewarding, its everlasting and you can’t lose it once you have it. The answer is already inside of you. We just uncover it.

How does online weight loss coaching work?

Usually, it works totally the opposite of how you think, you come to coaching struggling with losing weight, having gone backwards and forwards and got to the point where you have said “ENOUGH!!! I am gonna get some help”.

That’s a great place to be because what you are essentially saying is, “I can’t find the answers to the problems I have with the same mind that created them”. This opens you up to the possibility there is another answer. an honest look at yourself & create So together, we will find why you are blocked from the answers you already hold inside of yourself. We will unpick the beliefs that have been installed in you, you will take new beliefs, you will take action, your life will change.

Most coaches are dealing with the symptom level and I address the root cause, coupled with finding a freedom from all of this. This change is for a lifetime it’s not the next quick fix.

If you want to start committing to yourself –
Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

How to benefit from online weight loss coaches

The best way to benefit from weight loss coaching is to drop all your installed understanding of what is involved in this process at the door, have an open mind. Show up willing to learn something new, not to judge the process and to think too soon this doesn’t work. It does take a process of willingness and trust.

I am sure telling you that this method is tried and tested and provides beyond miraculous life-changing results is not what is going to make you take action, but it’s true.

Miracles only happen if you believe in them!

Why weight loss coaching works

This process works because it is not reliant on willpower, trying to shoehorn your mind in a certain direction or force your body into submission, there is no pressure, no dealing with obsession or compulsion of the mind and body.

This is a transition out of dieting, weight-loss into a better life, as a side effect of this type of online coaching, you should be prepared for some or all of the following:

  • Being more present in relationships
  • Better more fulfilled relationships
  • Better parenting
  • More happiness
  • More contentment
  • More fun
  • Weight loss!!
  • Body transformation!

Yes, you read it right, weight loss is a result not a requirement, you lose weight and boost fitness levels as amazing results of the happiness, joy, contentment, peace that you get from this.

I often say:

" if you focus on the change you will lose the weight, if you focus on the weight, you will lose the change "

What health / weight loss coaching is not?

This is not a diet, quick fix, or easy solution. As a compassionate certified coach, I will not try to sell you magic pills or fluffy ideas and I won’t beat you into submission, shame or criticise you into changing. I suggest contacting me about this type of coaching if you are really up for a life-changing personal experience, if you’re ready to let go completely and have a new experience if you want total freedom and peace while living a sustainable lifestyle.

You can achieve all this without giving up your favourite foods and following fad diets. You can also work with a certified personal trainer alongside having a weight loss coach, we will guide you through what you need to know. Personal trainers often have clients lose weight, I have a personal trainer myself, but this coaching is a missing piece of the puzzle to make sustainable and life lasting.

Weight Loss /
Mindset Package

Weight Loss Coaching FAQs

If you think you are ready for the above life-changing process, and you can see the value passed the mass churned-out health coaching programs around, then give me a call we can have a powerful conversation and see if it’s a good fit for both of us. This is a completely bespoke solution tailored to you, there is no one size fits all resolve to this, human beings are all uniquely different, everyone.

I call myself transformative because all my coaching is focused on doing the deep inner work that drives every process or decision in life. This means I am deeply compassionate, I am insightful and help you see past the surface presentation of issues and how the manifest in your life, I believe in you fully, that means I help you bring out your own superhero, and change your own life. I am the catalyst. I have done this work for a long time, am unrecognisable myself from when I started and many of my clients have said the same thing, so don’t just take my word for it some of the testimonials are here (link).

The best place to start is your own mind because the physical aspect of weight gain/loss is a reflection of your own mind. Surprisingly for many people the ability to lose weight is centred on how happy they are, most people who want to lose weight are not happy, and believe that if they lose weight they will be happy, and this is just not true. So start with your mind.

It depends on what success means to you, you can do some extreme things to lose weight quickly for an event for example but if you really want to have results that stick for a lifetime, where you feel content, happy and not obsessed with changing your body, then a deeper understanding of yourself is needed, which will bring lasting, lifetime change.

There are many psychological reasons for weight gain, sometimes it is a protection method to an unconscious belief about who you are, so you have to start by looking into these beliefs that have been innocently created as protection methods about self. Weight loss that starts with the mind is a lifetime change, not a quick fix solution.

This is a strange question sometimes because it often feels that what you need is someone that understands nutrition to guide you, but my experience is that people who have been on endless know everything and more about nutritional values, I used to be able to look at a plate of food and list the macros, so I tend to see that when people see beyond their own mind created struggles they find it easy to adjust the nutrition for their body and find the one that fits.

If you want to start committing to yourself –
Contact a Certified Life Coach Now 0161 408 2874

Jason Shiers

Find out if Weight loss coaching is for you!

Schedule time to talk with me, have your questions answered and find out if relationship coaching is right for you.


Amy Macmillan
Amy Macmillan
Jason helped me in a time where I felt like I wasn’t ever going to feel myself again. He helped me see that I didn’t need to feel the way I felt forever and that there was a way out. I am so grateful for how selfless and caring he was at this time in my life and I will never ever forget that! His calming words and the peaceful space he creates on a call left me feeling that little bit better each time we spoke. I know he’s always a text away and he holds a special place in my heart for helping me through such a difficult time. Thanks Jason x
Lois Wilson
Lois Wilson
I stumbled across Jason on a podcast group recommended by a friend. As soon as I listened I knew that I had to contact and work with Jason. I came looking for help, guidance with a situation that was causing me physical stress related symptoms. Covid had just started and everything around me was uncertain, confusing and painful at times. Jason gave me a grounding to work from and shared his understanding of the 3 principles and life experience and knowledge. It was a gradual process but I did start to feel that everything was and would be Ok. I became more comfortable in my circumstances and very unexpectedly, that resulted in many of my stress illnesses disappearing! I came away learning more about how I viewed the world or myself which was the growth I truly needed. Jason also supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life when I lost my husband to alcohol related illness. I came through that experience with beautiful memories and a deep gratitude and the ability to support my two children. I have since gone on to achieve 2 promotions and now working full time in a role that I didn’t see within my reach, I’m now carving out a job role that’s building me skill set and confidence. I have found connections with my colleagues, patients and family. As many have said .. A life changing experience! I have recommended his articles podcast and website to colleges patients and friends. Jason has a professional and natural gentle nature, but also feels like a friend for life.
Ed Coss
Ed Coss
Working with Jason really helped me see how a simple change in thinking, mindset and outlook could really help improve my mental health, wellbeing with results that are reflected in improvements in relationship, business and general attitude to life. Would highly recommend.
Francesa Addabbo
Francesa Addabbo
I am a coach and as a coach I act on what I preach. I chose Jason as my coach as I had been given some great feedback by other people we both knew. He was described to me as a non conventional ground breaking coach. I liked the sound of this. I did not have a particular issue to work on but I was confortable in the knowledge that our sessions would develope as they were meant to. After all I knew how to guide a session. What happened after my first session is quite extraordinary. I completely reviewed my coaching skills and decided to let Jason mentor me. His coaching techniques are truly ground breaking. he is able to go so deeply into a conversation that he allows his clients to feel confortable in shearing dreams and ideas that they didn't even know they had. Deep coaching is invaluable for me now. I could not go back to my old ways to look at coaching. Jason allowed change in me that I didn't believe I needed and yet it transformed my life in ways I will be grateful to him forever. He is so skilled that you don't realise how deeply into your mind he is looking until you see the change in you already unfolding. I recommend Jason as one of, if not the best coach I have ever worked with. I truly believe in the benefits of coaching but Jason's coaching is a good few notches above average.
Timothy Russel
Timothy Russel
I came to Jason to get help with my wife!! yes i know crazy as it sounds, we ended up having relationship coaching and all i can say is WOW! both of us in such a short time got back on track, we started communicating more clearly and saw things from each others perspective much easier. I realised that it was human to get caught up in thoughts, in life from time to time, but also that it was ok and that if i didn’t judge that, things were not so bad. I am so happy I made this decision as this has now saved my marriage.
Dominic Taylor
Dominic Taylor
Deep Life Coaching indeed! as Jason says I came with 1 thing but ended up with so much more. It is really strange what happens when someone knows what questions to ask!! Often during coaching I was stumped, I just really had never seen things the way they were presented to me. What I found was that just a simple change in perspective made such a huge difference to my life. I never realised that it was just my thinking that was causing me to see the world in the way I did - I Realised what I had been chasing through things for so long was happiness and that happiness was available right now, so no need to look for it anymore!
Nigel Chivers
Nigel Chivers
Jasons weight loss mindset transformational package has really helped me see where I was held back with my weight. I only thought I wanted to make a few small changes with some health coaching but the clear vision I got about my relationship with food has opened my mind to a new way of life. I will continue to work with Jason as this stuff runs deep and could last a lifetime!
Tina Baker
Tina Baker
I worked with Jason on his business start up to success package (business coaching) when I was wanting to start my new venture but I was really stuck with branding, how to present myself in the world, did I need a website, where would my clients come from etc. I Think its a pretty standard set of worries but there was so much to work out. Not only did I get my branding down but I worked on my own personal fears, and got a clear vision and some realistic expectations to work towards. I was happy to give Jason a review because i have come so far in the 6 months we have been working together.
Andy Gillott
Andy Gillott
As a life coach myself it can be really hard to find a coach to work with, and when I read Jasons website I just knew there was something more for me in that. I am always looking to better myself but I find that all the work I have done leaves me a little picky and critical. Jason was able to see past the BS and help me move forward on the journey I am on. I continue to work with Jason and when I get stuck with a client he is the first port of call for me.
Melvyn Rattenbury
Melvyn Rattenbury
Jason has been outstanding in helping me change my life - relationships, work and personal life have become so much more natural to me now.
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