Weight loss Coaching

Weight loss Coaching

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How a weight loss coach can help

Do you want:

  • To be free of dieting forever – no more thinking this is the next best thing
  • To be free of thinking about food – not worry about what to eat all the time
  • To be free of getting on the scales – mood dependant on a number
  • To find your ideal weight without trying so hard
  • To be content and have happy relationships

I am presuming you got here because you are looking for some life coaching help with your health and weight loss journey, Well that is why most people look for weight loss coaches :). To start with, the last thing you need is another diet, there are no shortcuts here, no ‘how to lose extra weight fast’ or ‘instant weight loss tips’ What we do is rip the plaster off, and see the real root cause of the inability to do what you want to do, and help you achieve all your goals.

I know you are busy, men and women, so let’s get straight down to it. Usually, clients come to me pretty twisted with strict diets and trying to lose weight, often a lifetime of attempting to change and rebounding back and forth to lead a healthy life, which is often called yoyo dieting. They are often critical weight watchers living a sedentary lifestyle.

The whole fitness industry is built around dealing with the symptom of a problem: weight gain, let me clarify something. Being overweight is not a physical issue, the physical part of it is the symptom of a problem. This is totally changeable with the right work and weight loss programs, deep inner change creates lasting outer change. You lose unwanted weight (fat) and gain healthy weight(muscle) as a result of going on an inner journey because any change you make at the symptom level will be only temporary. The deep inner work here leads to your ability to make the choices you want forever.

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    Usually after you try to resolve things at the physical level, you fall off, then you do the following:

    1. Exercise more – wake up with a resolve to do an extra hour in the gym to resolve the action you took.
    2. Feel guilty – beat yourself up with a stick sometimes, saying how useless you are why can you never stick to things and reach your target weight.
    3. Diet harder – restrict yourself on your food intake follow a strict nutrition plan for a set period thinking it will offset the amount of crap you ate the day before
    4. Look for a different diet – Think somehow you got the physical aspect wrong and search frantically on google for a new weight loss solution that won’t make you fail.
    5. Binge further – you may get up next day and say ‘fuck it’ I’ve had a day off now may as well eat what I want, resulting in emotional eating and weight gain.

    Or some combination of the above, you may do them all and I want to tell you there is another way. There is freedom from diets, freedom from guilt, you have no need to diet harder for fat loss and achieve your weight goals, you’re perfectly normal.

    You’ve simply been way too exposed to society, peer pressure and installed faulty beliefs of others in your subconscious mind. All this can change there is a solution to achieving your fitness goals.

    Do you really want to lose weight?

    Often when we drill down, clients don’t want to lose weight, I know I didn’t I wanted what I thought weight loss would give me. Let me ask a couple of questions:

    • Why do you want to lose weight?
    • What do you think it will give you?

    Now let’s have a look at that, I’ll put in some made up common answers

    • I want to be happy < the belief that a certain weight or shape will make you happy
    • I want a relationship < the belief that a certain weight or shape will get you a relationship
    • I want to be healthy for my kids > Why? > I want to spend more time playing with them > why? > that will make me happy
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    couple holding each other looking healthy
    young child enjoying ice cream

    You see, what you really want is to be happy and to break free from the thoughts in your mind, what weight gain/loss means about you, but the faulty belief that losing weight will make you happy is what stops you from being happy! And stops you from losing weight! It gives you more stress and results in self-sabotage.

    man stood on mountain after achieving goals from weight loss coaching course

    What is weight loss coaching designed to achieve

    What if happiness is available right here, right now and it’s an inside job? As an accountability coach I have worked with a long list of clients who have achieved this, and I’ll be honest, it absolutely melts my heart when they call me all happy saying yes, I’ve got it! It’s not about food!

    You too can have a true sense of freedom, no longer obsessed with food or weight loss, completely oblivious to diets. You too, can improve your overall health and nutrition habits.

    That is what my weight loss coaching is designed to achieve, this is when I say often clients come for one thing and leave with something much more profound.

    Does hiring an online weight loss Coach Work?

    It really depends what you want from it. I am going to presume that you want to stop being obsessed with diets, lose weight, and change your mindset and emotions forever? Lead a happy life. Then in that case, yes it works, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

    It is my expectation that you get a lot more than what you wanted in the first place. This isn’t the easiest route to take as it takes a commitment from you and some deep inner work, but I can assure you it’s the most rewarding, its everlasting and you can’t lose it once you have it. The answer is already inside of you. We just uncover it.

    How does online weight loss coaching work?

    Usually, it works totally the opposite of how you think, you come to coaching struggling with losing weight, having gone backwards and forwards and got to the point where you have said “ENOUGH!!! I am gonna get some help”.

    That’s a great place to be because what you are essentially saying is, “I can’t find the answers to the problems I have with the same mind that created them”. This opens you up to the possibility there is another answer. an honest look at yourself & create So together, we will find why you are blocked from the answers you already hold inside of yourself. We will unpick the beliefs that have been installed in you, you will take new beliefs, you will take action, your life will change.

    Most coaches are dealing with the symptom level and I address the root cause, coupled with finding a freedom from all of this. This change is for a lifetime it’s not the next quick fix.


    If you want to start committing to yourself –
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    How to benefit from online weight loss coaches

    The best way to benefit from weight loss coaching is to drop all your installed understanding of what is involved in this process at the door, have an open mind. Show up willing to learn something new, not to judge the process and to think too soon this doesn’t work. It does take a process of willingness and trust.

    I am sure telling you that this method is tried and tested and provides beyond miraculous life-changing results is not what is going to make you take action, but it’s true.

    Miracles only happen if you believe in them!

    Why weight loss coaching works

    This process works because it is not reliant on willpower, trying to shoehorn your mind in a certain direction or force your body into submission, there is no pressure, no dealing with obsession or compulsion of the mind and body.

    This is a transition out of dieting, weight-loss into a better life, as a side effect of this type of online coaching, you should be prepared for some or all of the following:

    • Being more present in relationships
    • Better more fulfilled relationships
    • Better parenting
    • More happiness
    • More contentment
    • More fun
    • Weight loss!!
    • Body transformation!

    Yes, you read it right, weight loss is a result not a requirement, you lose weight and boost fitness levels as amazing results of the happiness, joy, contentment, peace that you get from this.

    I often say:

    if you focus on the change you will lose the weight, if you focus on the weight, you will lose the change

    What health / weight loss coaching is not?

    This is not a diet, quick fix, or easy solution. As a compassionate certified coach, I will not try to sell you magic pills or fluffy ideas and I won’t beat you into submission, shame or criticise you into changing. I suggest contacting me about this type of coaching if you are really up for a life-changing personal experience, if you’re ready to let go completely and have a new experience if you want total freedom and peace while living a sustainable lifestyle.

    You can achieve all this without giving up your favourite foods and following fad diets. You can also work with a certified personal trainer alongside having a weight loss coach, we will guide you through what you need to know. Personal trainers often have clients lose weight, I have a personal trainer myself, but this coaching is a missing piece of the puzzle to make sustainable and life lasting.

    Weight Loss Coaching FAQs

    • How much is health / weight-loss Coaching?

      If you think you are ready for the above life-changing process, and you can see the value passed the mass churned out health coaching programs around, then give me a call we can have a powerful conversation and see if it’s a good fit for both of us. This is a completely bespoke solution tailored to you, there is no one size fits all resolve to this, human beings are all uniquely different, everyone.

    • What type of Coach are you?

      I call myself transformative because all my coaching is focussed on doing the deep inner work that drives every process or decision in life. This means I am deeply compassionate, I am insightful and help you see past the surface presentation of issues and how the manifest in your life, I believe in you fully, that means I help you bring out your own superhero, and change your own life. I am the catalyst. I have done this work for a long time, am unrecognisable myself from when I started and many of my clients have said the same thing, so don’t just take my word for it some of the testimonials are here (link).

    If you want to start committing to yourself –
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