There are several ways we could work together but what you really want to know is!? Does this shit work!

I help you move in a direction that creates lasting change in your life!

Everything will change but nothing will change. Change comes from the inside out. If you are willing to go on a journey and take a look at your beliefs and thinking then we could be a good fit.

Every human being is born with innate mental health, we spend a life time being influenced and taking on board other people’s beliefs and ideas, taking us further away from happiness. That means that we all have the capacity to be great, to have happiness and to feel fulfilled inside of us.

Life is unfolding for you, what you are looking for is within

My coaching is not for everyone, if you want a quick fix, let’s face it humans are wired up to want the most of the least, then this is not for you.

Reasons I am not the coach for you!

  • I will challenge you to be the great person that I know you are.
  • I will ask questions that may be uncomfortable – I want you to make lasting change.
  • If you say you’re going to do something, we will be following up on it.
  • There will be silence – More words are often said in silence than in a full sentence.
  • I am realistic and human – I will not guarantee you the impossible.
  • I will charge you for what I do – yes, I need to make money too!

Most of us just want someone else to fix us, give us the quick answer or offer a solution to a ‘problem’ this is pretty standard, it’s part of the journey to realisation. I had to do many events, trainings and have life experiences to realise that. The answers to ALL problems are within.

I will help you create extraordinary results in your life. Some changes will be instantaneous and some will go unnoticed till you notice, subtle but effective. Life will never be the same.

You can only take clients as deep as you have gone yourself

I want to tell you that you can have everything you want – it is possible

It makes perfect sense that the thinking that you got you here in life, can’t take you there right?

Awareness – We take inventory, we be honest about where you are at, and then have a good look at where you want to go.

Success – We will define your own success. We set direction, and start off on a journey together.

Foundations – Any foundations for success built on sand are bound to collapse at some point, we build the foundations for your success on concrete.

Action – This is where you will make difficult decisions, lean into your fears and strive to develop the life you want, with my full support.

The other part of this is that I trust my intuition on who I work with, its not always the case that we are a great fit

It has to be a clear a resounding yes from both client and coach, if there is any doubt then its going to be a no. This has to come from both parties, I will ask clients to really consider working together and if they feel its a good fit for them.

There is no selling involved, no manipulative sales techniques or convincing of people to work with me, I don’t offer you 6 figures freedom lifestyles or sitting on a beach in Bali with a laptop within 30 days because that is complete and utter shite. I help you connect to your inner wisdom create the vision you have inside yourself.

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