Anxiety Coaching

Anxiety Coaching

Anxiety can range from a mild worry to an overwhelming physical experience, which can become quite paralysing for many. If you have got to the point of having to search for life coaching, well done, you can fully recover from struggles with anxiety to the point where it just doesn’t affect you anymore. While it can seem like there is something really wrong, and feel overwhelming, often the anxiety about the anxiety just makes things worse, I have lost count of clients where worry about the worry is more intense than the actual thing they were worrying about in the first place.

A Different Approach To Dealing With Anxiety

All traditional approaches will give you a set of tools to help you cope, whether it be controlled breathing, carrying a brown paper bag for your panic attacks, exercising or changing your eating habits, they are often looking to simply change the symptoms of anxiety, very little is understood of the root cause. It makes sense to deal with your symptoms when they are overwhelming and affecting your ability to function in life in the moment, but looking at the root cause will put an end to symptoms.

To most people it looks like circumstances create anxiety, and if they could just change their outside world, then their anxiety would lessen. Life becomes a logistical challenge that looks as if I could just get the right balance, I would no longer feel anxious. It may look like a mixture of that big project, lack of money, relationship breakdown or health related, but none of those things alone can cause anxiety, all circumstances are neutral, it’s what we make of them that creates the issue.

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    Anxiety Coaching

    Signs & Symptoms Of Anxiety

    • Feeling light headed

    • Dry mouth

    • Racing mind

    • Chest pains

    • Loss of appetite

    • Being unable to relax

    • Being unable to sleep

    When we get focussed on the symptoms, or the actual thing we are anxious about, things will always get worse, questioning ourselves as to why I have this, and why can’t I change it are never helpful, because we are using more of our thinking to question what we have created with thinking in the first place. As Einstein once said, you cannot fix a problem at the level of thinking it was created.

    What Helps Anxiety Attacks

    Talking to someone who is calm, and present can be very helpful with anxiety attacks, when you are in one, you often feel overwhelmed and scared, which is normal. Your body releases cortisol and adrenaline and you experience physical symptoms to varying degrees. Focusing on your breathing, slowing it down, staying as calm as possible and being with someone whether it is on the phone or face to face can help it pass. There comes a point where you realise you just had an anxiety attack and start to feel normal again.

    Natural Ways To Help Anxiety

    There are many ways to help with the symptoms of anxiety, exercising could be a good way to take your mind off what is going on. Listening to calming audios or videos, like meditation may also help. They are always temporary solutions though, and how they work is by helping to quiet your own thoughts (the creation of the anxiety) so it makes more sense to look at the cause, than continually practice rituals that help deal with the symptom.


    If you want to start committing to yourself –
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    Medical Help For Anxiety

    The medical field love to diagnose anxiety and give out medication, after all it is a business, and many people swear by their medication, which makes sense if it has helped their experience of life get a little better. You may have been diagnosed with a recognised condition and given any of the following medications:

    • Wellbutrin

    • Melatonin

    • Prozac

    • Zoloft

    • Adderall

    • Anti-depressants

    • Beta blockers

    • Seroquel

    • Trazodone

    If you are still looking for further help, looking to the source and creation of the anxiety and seeing that it is not all on you to manage, seeing beyond your thinking about life and seeing what is really on offer maybe helpful.

    Is Social Anxiety The Same As Anxiety

    There are so many terms, from diagnostics used in the DSM V manual to terms that are known by many to describe different types of anxiety, or experiencing anxiety in different locations, or for longer periods of time. Social anxiety means experiencing anxiety in social or performance related situations where you may be around certain people or open to scrutiny etc. To keep it simple, it is experiencing anxiety in a different specific surrounding.

    It is important not to get caught up in names, terms or labels, they only paint a picture of who we think we are, and create a further identity of being an anxious person, rather than just having anxious thoughts. Social anxiety is also known as social phobia.

    Anxiety Coaching

    What Causes An Anxiety Disorder To Develop

    Anxiety disorder is a term related to psychiatric diagnosis, it is defined by prolonged symptoms of anxiety and when you meet the criteria of those set of symptoms over a period of time. The cause is a lot simpler than the world of psychiatry and psychology acknowledge. While they are all trying to minimise the symptoms and diagnose the signs, there is a simple solution.

    How to treat anxiety

    While it is very tempting to try to overcome the symptoms, find quick remedies that lower our felt physical experience, or control our feeling state, there is a much easier solution. Anxiety is created in the mind via our thinking, not by our circumstances. We innocently spend a lifetime trying to get away from or change our outside world in order to change our inner world. The solution is in seeing the creation of our experience, to the point where it no longer looks problematic. Transformative coaching can eliminate anxiety with a change in perspective very quickly, you can still have anxious thoughts, but are no longer overwhelmed by the experience, nor do they mean anything about you.

    Insight is lasting, its permanent and it does not need to be maintained, transformative conversations about how the mind really works help you to see it differently, everything changes but nothing changes, you get a new set of eyes rather than a new set of circumstances. Coaching is warm, caring and a safe space to explore. Not only does anxiety disappear, but life will improve in all areas including but not limited to, relationships, money, body image, business and much more.

    Finding An Anxiety Coach

    Finding the right coach is important, speak to a few people, see how you feel and have a session with them to see if it fits or feels right for you. Everyone has their own way, so follow your instincts on what seems like the next right step, we always know on the inside if we trust our instincts.

    You Are Not Broken

    While it may seem a long journey and a lot of worry, you are not broken and do not need fixing. Anxiety is a simple misuse of our mind, and an innocent lack of understanding on how it works. You were born whole and healthy, and that part of you is always there, never broken, untouchable, that’s the part we nurture.

    Anxiety Help FAQs

    • How to help a spouse with anxiety?

      There are many ways you can help, understanding the article above is one, seeing how to remain calm and present when they are struggling, or gently directing them to a professional who can help them on a more permanent basis is useful. Good listening skills, lack of judgement and strong presence are always helpful while helping others.

    • Do food choices help anxiety?

      Certain foods may by coincidence help anxiety, but it is always placebo effect, it is not the food that creates less anxiety, it is the association with the food, that quietens the mind while eating it.

    • Does exercise help for anxiety?

      Exercise will keep your mind occupied and stop the overthinking, but it is not the solution, it will help the symptoms on a temporary basis, by keeping your mind occupied and giving you something to focus on.

    • Vitamins that help with anxiety?

      There are various vitamins that are recommended to help with anxiety such as GABA, Passion Flower, Valerian Root Liquorice Root and Ashwagandha. They may well have an effect on the various systems that are at play during a bout of anxiety, but they are only ever minimising if anything the symptoms of the anxiety.

    • How do you know if you have anxiety?

      You may have 1 or any of the symptoms above, if things seem overly worrying or overwhelming, you find yourself overly concerned with something or set of circumstances that is going on in life, you maybe experiencing anxiety, which is basically fear, worry.

    • What are the triggers to anxiety?

      Overthinking is the cause of anxiety, while it looks like triggers are important, then you may well cause yourself further anxiety avoiding and navigating the circumstances of life, if you really want to recover, triggers are not a good place to look.

    • How anxiety is diagnosed?

      Anxiety is diagnosed by a set of symptoms over a period of time from the diagnostics and statistical manual V. It is not a real thing, it feels real, but the diagnosis is a made up concept, there is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken.

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